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In The Light

A complementary piece to the armoured luna piece I uploaded yesterday and I have to say this one was pretty tough for me. I don't do well with bright places.

The other half to this Image.
Vapour Trails by Rain-Gear
Completed with the same limitation of 1 layer to paint on minus 2 adjustment layers at the end and this time I got a timelapse out of it!
The time lapse can be found HERE:

I definitely prefer the Luna but this one was still a blast and I hope you like it too!
Ended up making a rough combination of the two images, will have to work it out a little better later on.
Two Sides of the Same Coin by Rain-Gear
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She's armored perfectly.

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It's mastah piece
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This is absolutely phenomenal.
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could you do something like this but princess twilight

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Her wings kind of look like afterburners. I kinda like it! That's an interesting thought, and might explain why pegasi can fly so fast.
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WOWWWW man! my eyes popped out with how amazing this is omg! good god! you're art is legendary man good god keep it up. also learned a few tips tricks along this speedpaint! you're so inspiring. I can not believe how good this is. oh man i was sitting there on my bed watchin this thinking of how amazing this is like wow man.
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lol no eyelashes :P
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Here from your YT time lapse!
OMC there is so much details, especially on her outfit!! I absolutely love it, how beautiful!! Better than anything I could do, even the sketch xD (⌒o⌒)(´⊙ω⊙`)
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soo cool watched the video
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Beautiful!!! ^^
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That looks amazing!! :love:
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ALL Hail the most beautiful princess of Equestria!! Bow before her!!
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You trader, Tia is forever the best!!!!!
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Totally got triggered by the title, now treading through Led Zep albums.
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In the light... we are one.
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I love how Celestia looks! That golden armor really suits her. Gorgeous!
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