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A piece I painted while live streaming.
I was just looking through my gallery when I realized that I hadn't done a Derpy painting yet so I immediately got to work on this. 
I feel a little meh about this but I feel the idea could've gone worse!

Hope you like it!
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This is beyond words, the use of light, in so many different colors is breathtaking. The clouds look beautiful, and the lights coming through them add a surreal effect. And of course Derpy, she's my favorite pony, so I always love art with her in it, she is drawn great, I love the one open eye and how her cloud is separate from the others, maybe to symbolize isolation? The light under her is brilliant as well, it kind of gives of a warm glow which contrasts very well with the more vibrant greens. The whole design of the clouds seems very original, and I especially like the moon in the background, it makes me feel as if Luna is watching over her. Now you said you felt 'meh' about it, but trust me it is a fantastic piece of art.