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So this came about when I thought of doing a solar flare follow up to Wisps Wisps by Rain-Gear

Quite happy with the results 

Hope you enjoy!

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could you do something like this but princess twilight

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Hello Rain Gear, your work and the animations by Equum Amici inspired me to start to use Steam wallpaper engine, so i made this wallpaper, i hope you like it, if you don't kow how to apply those wallpapers just ask me:

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The Black Sun is here...
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Would you mind if I used your work as a cover for my story on FIMFiction?
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hello, is the cthe floating crown/halo based on celestial beings of dungeons and dragons or something similar? 

ALso there is an animated version of this image i want to find. do you know who did it?
I'd guess that it is more of a reference to Arch Angel Imperius from Diablo III, who also possesses a halo like that.   
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and now that season 7 is a thing xD
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Amazing picture, I am stund by everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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omg i love your work!   your use of color and light make them look so epic! like they are scenes from a movie!      and idk why but for some reason this one reminds me of Terra from Teen Titans lol  
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Hey, I used this picture, well the animated version for a Music Video.I got Inspired by this picture and I hope you are okay with me using it. If not please let me know and I'll take it down! Link back to your DA page is provided. In case you wanna check for yourself:…
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Very nice indeed very nice :D
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the flame is amaing!
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What if Celestia felt she had to use the forbidden powers Sombra used and Luna once used to protect Equestria?
It doesn't matter who it was that caused her to go this far, this is the story of what happened after she succumbed to that power.
On a balcony of Canterlot castle Luna confronts the now self proclaimed "Solar Flare".

Luna: "Like me you allowed this dark power to twist your mind until now... Until now you have become the very thing you swore to destroy."

Celestia: "Don't lecture me Luna! I do not fear this power as you do! I have brought peace, order, justice, and security to my new Solar Empire!"

Luna: "Your new Solar Empire?"

Celestia: "Yes Luna Join me. Together I can help unlock your true potential as I have unlocked mine!"

Luna: "I... I don't believe what I'm hearing. Twilight was right. You truly have have changed."

Celestia: "Enough about Twilight! She betrayed me and I showed her the price that betrayal! Don't you dare betray me as well!"

Luna: "You did what... I... I don't know you anymore... Celestia... Please... You're breaking my heart. You are going down the path that I once followed. Please come back!"

A fight was was certain, no doubt about that. What was once Celestia taunted Luna, and did not even see her as a threat.

Luna's was looking down at the ground, but then looked up. Her face still had tears on it, but it was clear she was not crying anymore.

Luna: "It's clear to now. You no longer my sister, you're just what's left over of her. Her anger, frustration, lust for power... You did this thinking you could control it, but I've been in your place before. The power, it feels good. Like nothing can stop you. But in the end it consumes you, and soon all that is left is the broken pieces... The remains of what once was. I don't want to fight you, but seeing as the Elements have long since lost their power, I have no choice... I'm sorry... What I do now is out of mercy..."

The fight lasted for hours and seemed to take them all over the planet. While what was once Celestia was more powerful she fought with the savagery of an animal rather than the precision, and tactical mind set she once had. Most blows Luna could not block or dodge, she could at-least shunt off to the side. Even with Luna's superior fighting style, it was still a hard fight. Luna had been fighting in a minimalist manner in order to conserve her energy, while this self proclaimed "Solar Flare" was throwing everything at Luna and not even bothering to block attacks, instead just taking them and pressing on.

Solar Flare then tackled Luna and tried to bury her into a mountain side. Luna managed to flip Solar Flare around making her take the hit instead. They crashed through the mountain side causing the mountain to crumble, and crashed onto the ground on the other side plowing into the ground coming to a stop at a ravine which they fell into.

Luna landed on a ledge on the side wall of the ravine, as did the corrupted Celestia, however she was hanging off the edge.
Solar Flare's mane was no longer ablaze and one of her wings was broken, but she still showed some strength left in her as she tried to pull herself up. At the bottom of the ravine there were razor sharp rocks. Luna despite being beaten, bruised, and drained of most of her energy ran over to her.

Luna:"Celestia! Take my hoof! We can still save you, it doesn't have to be this way! Sister... Please..."

A few seconds passed, for a moment it seemed like Flare was going to accept Luna's help, but then...

Solar Flare:"I'll never give you the pleasure..."

Solar Flare let go and plummeted towards the razor sharp rocks below.


Luna looked away as she heard her sister hit the rocks and she exhaled as the last bit of life left her body. Luna then hesitantly looked down at her. Celestia was impaled on the rocks below had reverted back to her old self. Luna sobbed to herself.

Luna:"I... No... I only wanted you to find peace... I only wanted my sister back..."

Three months had passed since the ultimatum between Royal sisters. Canterlot was being restored since the initial battle with Solar Flare, and Twilight was recovering. Although she had lost a her right front limb when she confronted her former teacher, she got a new one made out of high grade metals with a little bit gold and silver in the mix as well.
Luna oversaw the funeral of her sister, and designed her coffin personally. After the funeral Luna became distant. She stopped socializing, and would only really leave her bedroom to eat at night, all the while keeping the sun and the moon going.
Twilight, Cadence, and Shining Armor all came up to Luna's bedroom door.

Twilight: "Luna... Are you there?"

There was no response.

Cadence:"Auntie Luna... Please. We know this has been hard on you. It's been hard on all of us. We all know you didn't have a choice, and we would have never wished this on you."

Quiet still.

Shining Armor: "She has been in there for three days. Luna if you are there I'm opening the door. We just want to make sure you are alright okay."

Shining took a key out of the pocket on his uniform and unlocked the door opening it slowly.

Shining Armor: "Luna? Are you in here"

He looked around. The place was a mess. It looked like Luna hadn't tidied up her room in awhile.
The three noticed a bulge coming from underneath the covers of Luna's bed.
Twilight approached it,

Twilight:"Luna I know you upset... We all are... Believe me when I say we all..."

Twilight noticed something. She had an eye for these sort of things. She notice that there was something... Off about the bulge under the covers. So she moved the covers back to reveal that it was just pillows.

Twilight: "Oh no..."

Cadence: "What!?!"

Shining Armor:"Cadence! Twilight! Over here!"

Shining showed them some of the books discarded throughout the room. They were books on theories. Time travel, alternate dimensions, universe, timelines you name it.

Cadence:"Do you think she intends to... What if she's already..."

Shining Armor:"She can't be. The sun and moon are still going."

They knew what had to be done. They had to find Luna before she did something that she would regret.

Luna stood upon the tallest mountain peak in world. She had been waiting here for a little over two days. Waiting for something to arrive.
Then it happened.

Luna:"There you are. Now I can set things right."

A swirling vortex of energy appeared. This event, this energy only happened once every decade. It was the excess energy of other universes, and if one knew how to use it, they could change the very fabric of reality.

The end... For now...

(So what do you think. Just thought this story up in my spare time. Do you think this would be an interesting story?)
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Glad you liked it. This is now a story on

If you are interested look me up there. I had to change the story up a bit for it to go up there.

It is called Daylight's End.
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Ok :D ill cheack it out!
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I absolutely LOVE how you drew the flame; wild, but still in control and fairly elegant. Fits this Evil!Celestia really well!!
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