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Epic Taters

Pinkie Pie and a Taterhorse... need i say more?

Rather quick piece about 4 hours total start to finish with lots of procrastination!

Pinkie and the Taterhorse by AssasinMonkey
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Somehow, this is the best MLP pic I have ever seen.

Part of me wants to write the epic tale of Taterhorse and Pinkie Pie, but i know that I can never capture the raw awesomeness that this entails.

Although I could be persuaded to try...
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Epic background ... and then pinky pie happened lol 
Taterhorse is best not quite pony 

The cake is a lie, the pi is infinite, eat up we'll make more. 
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:XD: I didn't see this one until now hahaha
DoughnutJoe's avatar
Looks like he's about to become a baked taterhorse.
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lool nice i saw the stream AM made that in
Rain-Gear's avatar
Hah yeah, we must draw more tater!
Toadstooliv's avatar
hhmmmm should draw a tater...
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I like that potatoe horse.xd
Rain-Gear's avatar
Agreed, there needs to be more taterhorse
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Just..........epic =p
Rain-Gear's avatar
Taterhorse is always epic!
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Yep.  I still have very little idea what's going on. Let alone why :)
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yep, all of this sense 
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There is honestly no good explanation I can give for this haha
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Wow. I don't know what to even say about this xD
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Taters, nuff said!
SilverSilent's avatar
I love it... I'm in heaven...
Rain-Gear's avatar
You shall be greeted by the tater angels!
Join us in tater heaven XD
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You need to link the first Taterhorse so ppl. will get the context Rain.  X-S
Rain-Gear's avatar
Yep just included it, honestly though I put it there until now :L woops!

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