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Fan Art Piece for the CutieArtCrusaders 

So, I made it back. It's been a tough few months but things are looking up so I decided to come back in the hopes nothing flares up again so here's to the future!~
For any of you keen eyed people that somehow noticed this is a sort of continuation on a picture I made back in 2013, it can be found below.
A Crusade To Remember... by Rain-Gear
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YAY! YOU ARE BACK! :D :D :D :squee:
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OMFG when I thought you left I died a little inside. Just came back to deviantArt and saw you in full action. My life has new meaning.
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sorry, heh, i might of asumed you were dead a little. not dead as internet dead, actual dead, oops. I'll add you back on steam. But seriously, the 2 year fight thing and the bye, eep. Im happy you arent dead. ouo
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Great to have you back!
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haha you've returned from the void, nice to see you again :happybounce: Woohooooo! :squee: OMG MOAR POEMS!
By the way I love the lighting in the painting :D (Big Grin) 
awesome you're back ;D I haven't even logged into deviant art since you left, last thing I did was comment on you leaving
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Ohh im glad youre back :3 soo Welcome Back :D
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AH ha the rumors were true you are back! Glad to have you back dude!
I hope everything stays good and that I look forward to seeing more art and livestream from you in the near future.

I also must say I really like this art work!
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*Me looking at picture* I feel the oddest sense of deja vue...

*Glances at the artist icon* Oh yeah, it just rain-gear.


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And so was it that all the pones fell a disturbance in the horse as the greatest jedi off all returned now not as Rain-Gear the grey but as Rain-Gear the white.
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Nice to see ya again =D

Hope things are better for you than they were, and this piece is very nice, especially the clouds dissipating where they are walking.
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Things are looking much better thank you and I'm glad you like the piece :)
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Welcome back Rain Gear! Lovely picture. Really liked that you included a Batpony in the mix.
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Thanks for the warm welcome! 
Well good to see that he looks like a bat pony, haven't lost my artiness yet :)
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sempai back   Blonde Cow (Shocked) (Flying hair) 
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We're so happy, I'm praying for you whatever's going on, but YAAAAAAAY!!!

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Hi there siiver! 
It's good to see you too!
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This is amazing art.  I always loved your backgrounds.  It always sets the tone and story to the art piece. 

Also, welcome back.  Can't wait to see more art pieces coming from you.
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Thanks, I got quite a few ideas to get through so that should keep me pretty busy :P
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