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City of Crimson

Finally got around to finishing this one even though that city was so extremely annoying!
Got this idea by combining some themes from some of my older pictures but really it was an excuse to draw more clouds, shameless cloud indulgence is shameless.
Hope you like it!

Till next time!

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Hey dude! I'm afraid this account is inactive, but I'll write that anyway. I used this artwork in my new remix of D3LTA's "Flying Above The Clouds". You did give me a permission to use one of your artworks two years ago plus ASOS used another one for a different track of mine, so I figured you probably wouldn't mind. I did credit you of course! Thanks for all the work you do, have a nice day and I hope you don't mind, here's the link:…
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Meow :3  Oh my goose look at this! All of this is clouds?
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sounds like City of Ember
Wow! The scenery looks so real.
Awww! Fluttershy looks adorable with her blue scarf. 
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I used  this photo as well ^_^ here in my cover ^_^  for my "MidNight" tribute to Luna Cover.…

thank you so much again...hope maybe you enjoy the cover too XD
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Wow... It's absolutely beautiful.... Or would stunning or breathtaking be more appropriate? 
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Scarfs are cool.
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*snuggles his scarf*
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With an incredible amount of detail, this has to be on of the most regal images I have ever laid eyes on. Using the saturation/intensity of colours was a brilliant way to attract the eye, but everyone will still notice the utterly outstanding background. Talent+skill+hard work = epicness. 
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I love it! Its beautiful how the clouds sweep into her wings! How were you able to make certain things, like the butterfly or her hair look like it was glowing? It is absolutely beautiful!!
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really detailed, I love itHeart 
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Wooow...!!! So beautiful...!!! :heart: :love: :heart:
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Beautiful, I like your use of colors and contrast here.
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it is beautiful ( ':
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The background has a very beautiful Final Fantasy look to it. Lovely.
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Cloudsdale needs more episodes.
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Yeah ikr!
It would be awesome to see a more in depth look at it.
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Hehe well then i guess the clapping will do :D!
Thank you!
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Simply Viewtiful
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