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Celestia (#54)

Fairly quick limited palette challenge.
Took around 2:40 from sketch to signing. 
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aren't i love the style!
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I looove this color palette!
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Yo. Dis some top level shit.
if you don't mind, how do you go about picking color schemes and getting colors to work together?
WhiteWaterBlackSheep's avatar
Very keen eye indeed. The amount of detail in this picture is very impressive and truly deserved.
cajobif's avatar
Wonderful work.

Seriously this is a great piece for something done in this short amount of time.
hackdLife's avatar
lot of really clever decisions in here, awesome work
TooCliched's avatar
That's really beautiful. :D Clap 
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Looks great, very rustic and charming.
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This.. This is cool.
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Nice pallete~ I like the way you've colored her, the pic has that painting-ish feel to it~ Also, at first I thought you meant 2m and 40s in the description there =P Anyways, nice work :D
This would make a nice trading card.

"She's gone!"
"Well, you can't expect her to hang around all day."
PioneeringAuthor's avatar
Ah, so you couldn't use all the colors, okay. Wait, you did this in 2:40? This is amazing! I really like how the metal looks shiny and how you made the hair. I'm especially impressed you got this done in less than 3 minutes. Wonderful job!
Rain-Gear's avatar
Yeah I could only use the colours in the certain set. Also to clarify this was done in 2 hours not 2 minutes haha.
PioneeringAuthor's avatar
Oh okay. :rofl: That is certainly different from 2 minutes!
It's still not too bad, considering it might take me waaaay longer to make this. ;)

By the way, thanks for visiting my page---I'm very honored.
AquaticSun's avatar
Woah, his came out nice bud, do you plan on doing more? ^^
Rain-Gear's avatar
Thank you and yeah will probably get around to doing some more, maybe incorporating a landscape or something (as if landscapes weren't hard enough already). 
Eusebe50's avatar
I take her for cadance >_>'
Nice work! :)
Rain-Gear's avatar
Heh yeah looks quite a bit like cadence with the colour and curls :D
razledazle's avatar
I love your choice of colours! :)
Rain-Gear's avatar
Thanks though I didn't really do much in the way of picking colours here :P
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