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So it finally happened, after 1 and 1/2 years on dA I finally drew rain. I can finally live up to my user name!
Was quite a challenge painting this one as i wasn't sure how to make the light react and what shades to use but i think I got it to some extent. All in all though it was a fun piece to work on and it was nice chatting with those of you who attended the stream while i was painting it!
Working on a few other pieces to post in the near future so you can catch those during my oddly now frequent streams!
Would love to hear what you guys think, go ahead and leave your thoughts below :D

Also check out the awesome track by NicolasDominique to go with this!
You can find the song here

That's all!

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On this piece you have a beautiful color pallette that stretches across multiple different expressions of those colors. I love the way you have the contrast between the bright and the darker side You have very nice texture and the color helps bring that out. I may sound like I am repeating HorseApple, but he is making a great point. You do have an amazing concept for your art and I can see that. But you just have a little bit too much going on. As beautiful as it is even too much of a good thing can be overpowering.