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"When all is said and done dear sister and you the 'light of Equestria' has extinguished all others tell me, will you be satisfied with your mountains of ash and ruin? Does this cup you choose to fill have a bottom? In a few minutes I will be ash like the countless others but I hope my words will help you recall in due time...remember what you once were my dearest elder sister..."

Well I finally got something done! Finally school is out for the summer so I can art so much more! 
If you haven't realized this is the evil version of Celestia dubbed "solar flare".
It's a pretty dark piece in concept which is a nice refreshing change for me! I decided to do this piece after seeing an animation called Dimension Bomb by Genius Party, it quite literally blew my mind I recommend you go watch it! 

Some music to go along with your viewing if you so wish: Revelation - Phil Rey feat Felicia Farrere

As per usually I would love to hear your thoughts on the piece!


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As poetic a song choice as the one you linked was, I immediately thought of "Daylight's end". As I stare into her eyes, watching her tears fall to scarred earth, I know in my heart that it's the perfect match - at least in my opinion. The image - even without the music - elicits such a visceral reaction, a reminder, that which gives life can easily extinguish it. The difference between Luna and Celestia is a simple one. The bigger they are, the harder they fall...and when she did, all of Equestria burned with her. Somewhat ironic isn't it? Nightmare Moon was the one that wanted eternal night, but it was Celestia that gave it to them with a blanket of ash.

As far as the piece of art is concerned, from a critical perspective, center stage is very powerful and very highly detailed, but as you move from the center, the background (especially back left) very swiftly becomes almost oversimplified and what should be a darker background to contrast the bright foreground, remains quite bright. Honestly, I feel that the mountains in the back left should be edged in black, not golden-orange; that the fire should be lighting the clouds of ash, not the mountains themselves. Furthermore, as a personal preference, I would've drawn the stone at Solar Flare's hooves as being blackened. However, all of the above are merely little things that are frankly nitpicking on my part and not something that significantly detract from the picture as a whole.