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Based God Vinyl

By Rain-Gear
Yet another piece that was only mean't to be a doodle. Art why must you do this to me!? Though it was a pretty fun piece to work on.
Took around 9 hours from sketch to finish.

Hope you like it!

(She looks like some overpowered OC o.o)
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© 2016 - 2021 Rain-Gear
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Reminds me of Nero's Devil Trigger in DMC5.

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I like the electro princess VinalWink/Razz :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) =P (Razz) :D (Big Grin) !
wow vinyl looks real this is awsome stuff brohoof!
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WWWHHHHHOOOOOOOAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! Vinyl looks so cccooollll
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those eyes are amazing :)
I love the pose as well, those awesome pony legs and everything!
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Will there be a higher resolution version of this picture? It fits really well as a wallpaper, and I'd love to see it c:
Otherwise it looks great! 
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Abnormal tectonic activity detected. o.o
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She dropped a beat so powerful, the earth trembled, and the skies cried... she is the Princess of Bass.

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Wow, this looks awesome! Cx
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Apache01 sorry to bother you, I just tought you would like this pic.
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I'm sorry that I have to bring this up, but there is someone on redbubble selling lots of things with other peoples art on it claiming it's his own. Including this one.…

I can only assume, but you have not given him permission to use this, or have you?
Rain-Gear's avatar
Oh, thank you for bringing this to my attention. I didn't give any sort of permission for him to be doing this.
Seems he's been pretty busy in sourcing artwork, we'll have to put a stop to that.

Thanks again!
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Damn. I'm running through all "his" stuff and after hours of searching, finally find the owner and someone else beat me to it XD glad I'm not the only one hunting on this guy, though.
Silent-Kosmos's avatar
Well, social media how it should be used I guess. A friend of mine made a post on tumblr about this person, I just recognized your art on it.
And I think it's save to say, that none of the art sold on this shop is theirs. This already is drawing a lot of attention, so I hope that redbubble will take action soon.
Ikki-Towaras's avatar
RedBubble has informed me they will only likely take down the art that have DCMA's filed against it, not him solely. I find this very disturbing considering RedBubble is all about their artists.
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Bass God Vinyl

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I guess she's the fifth princess now. The princess of Music? Why not? I can't go through a single day without a few tunes.
Worship Vinyl today. 
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those wings

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Best Pony God!
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