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:iconrain-ette:Rain-ette posted a status
I used to love having couples now I don't ;; the ones I have go das without rping, months without art or without being spoken about. It's really upsetting that I can't seem to enjoy them anymore. It's not every single couple I have but it is 2 out of 3 which is incredibly sad. And the one that is kinda active isn't that active either;; 
i just miss how it used to be: I don't wanna grow out of them or hate them but it's so boring and I can't seem to enjoy them by myself. I mean I have these three characters I adore that are with my girls but on the other end the other person doesn't seem to care. In fact I tried to talk to one of the other characters owner for about two weeks straight and they've ignored every single message I sent them. 

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PillowRabbit Featured By Owner May 28, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh no ;0; ;;
i'm planning on sketching out ame's relationship with kiki and inca the way I do with tuxie when i have some time <3
Rain-ette Featured By Owner May 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omg noooo ;;- I love our beans!! <3 I meant my human couples omg but I'm so excited!!! I cannot wait //dies
kiki and inca are in a comic I'm making ! It's a dta but still I'll make a comic of ame and then soon<3 plus more art tbh I love how cute the theee are!
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