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:iconrain-ette:Rain-ette posted a status
Fear in species communities. Let me explain this one out a bit. A lot of people like me fear to say what we really think about a species or their rules or their creators because we feel that if we own one of "said" species that we will have the designs revoked and be buttlisted because ...opinion? A lot of the times when i read some rules in a species community - such as the VERY common rule of NO re-selling myos; i think thats just stupid? I mean I BOUGHT the myo so i should be allowed to sell it - and if I bought art/stuff for it I should be allowed to add that price to it. But this and many other rules - such as some species creators saying they "don't use the species to make money" yet make a shit ton of money when they could make it cheaper and give others a chance to grab it. But why? Because if you're making money off something you want to keep up with that. If someone sold for 50$ back then and are now being sold for 500$ what really is the difference? The art might of gotten better and you might of taken a bit more time but did time really influence the worth of what you made? It's just demand and popularity. Which makes perfect sense mind you - if you have a gold mine, you keep digging. But a lot of people who wish to own these species find it unfair and get blacklisted or talked down to because they can't shell out hundreds of dollars to own a virtual picture. It's almost like going to game stop and buying - let's say pokemon sun and moon for an instance. Everyone wanted it right - imagine after the release date that everyone who pre-ordered it got it for 50$ but anyone who didn't and bought it later - had to pay 100$ to get it. Why? Demand and popularity. It is easily one of the funnest pokemon games of this generation and if Nintendo wanted to they could bump the price and people still buy, no questions asked. However in the art world like this, this stuff happens - where if I made a dog adopt and it only sold for 5$ but it kept selling for $5 - I'd eventually bump it to 10$ because I realized "hey this is selling really well I could make money". Now there are no issues with that and I have nothing against it whatsoever - yes its a lot of money but these could be people's jobs and such. It's just - don't you'd ever think this would die down? I've seen a lot of my old friends toss away their old characters like nothing - half of them don't even draw or think of art anymore. And a lot of people who are in these communities of adopts and see the prices go up and up - are kind of discouraged. They don't wanna say anything for fear of "oh well you said something bad about my species now I'm revoking the character you have." Why? Cause i have an opinion? It's like someone buying pokemon sun and being like "ugh these new game mechanics and graphics are shit." then somehow - nintendo caring enough to go to that person's house and taking the game out of their hands. I mean I know this won't happen but why do people have to fear in order to say something? I've seen people get yelled at for asking about the rules because they don't understand them sometimes. DA and the species are supposed to be a community full of helpful people but why are the "big men" so intimidating to us? That we feel if we dare say one thing - that we'll be out of money, a character and looked down upon forever. I'm not saying ALL species communities feel like this - but some certainly do. I remember how people were afraid to say something when the drama happened between the two species - when some people had a real argument and were too afraid to stand up for themselves. It really...shouldn't be like this. Why is it?

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mufflins Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Ahh yep... There are so many great species but I feel like I can't afford them. ;;;;;
And tbh I wouldn't give 100$+ for an adopt/custom, nor 50$+. I mean it's just there, it won't change my life. ;u; Though I treat my characters like my little children lol--
I feel like the adopt community is not about having fun creating designs anymore but of course there are people who make adopts for living and that's understandable, they also have cheap myos, ~15-25$.
But it is indeed insane when an adopt goes over 200$. I mean it's not my business, they can spend as much as they wish to, it's just a bit weird because it's just a virtual character. XD I understand that they have super-duper rarities but I don't think it's worth that much.
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