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:iconrain-ette:Rain-ette posted a status
I think i really need to stop living in the past. Today I was walking around my neighborhood looking for the stores that had the new funko pops - surprise only hot topic has them and theres none around me. But anyway as I was walking I was remembering the old good times I had with Danielle - the person Danilla - the foxfan is based off of. I remembered how we'd go to the swim club and how we'd swing right outside the pool area - and the chicken nuggets we ate and the crane machine. I also remembered by her old house there was a little family ran burger shop that closed down shortly after they left. I remembered playing ds games together at school and what not but - it then hit me that I just think of my past too much. Yes its always good to look back at it but i cant change it anymore. I can't go back - she's gone as far as I know, I haven't seen her in 11 years and I dont think I ever will again no matter how much I want to. I'm slowly becoming upset with Danilla too, because now its reminding me bad instead of good and I'm slowly just wanting to get away from it all - move on you know. If anyone really had a close best friend you probably felt this way before. But I'm not sure what to do. Times have changed - she might have her own family or something I have no idea. I do miss her though, maybe one day before we're too old, we'll see eachother again. I just wish the thought didn't make me so damn sad now.

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