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:iconrain-ette:Rain-ette posted a status
Am i the only one who thinks you should be able to sell myos?
Just listen to me for a second. Myo = make your own, i understand, you are just given the chance to make one of a species, however you PAID for it right?
If you paid for something irl you are allowed to sell it no matter what. So why can't that exist here?
If you went to gamestop and bought a game but didn't like it - they can't tell you no to re-selling it or returning it. 
To me its so fucking stupid that you have to buy art for the character to be worth anything. My 100$ i bought for the slot does not go down the drain because under your rules it states i can't sell it. Thats kinda dumb imo.
So if i bought it an icon for $2 that means instead of it being worth 102$ like it should, its only worth 2$.
Basically if species owners bought someone else's species for that price, they'd be pissed they weren't allowed to re-sell it if they needed to.
(I only put that on my species cause everyone else did but since im not popular enough my rules meant nothing.)

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