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I really want to draw more sushi dogs and I wanted to open commissions!

- Commission will be done first before I receive payment.
- Payment must be sent before the picture is given. 
- Payment must be by paypal only, unless you order something of large quantity with a lot of points. (I have no use for points tbh)
- You may use the art as you please as long as you don't re-sell it or commercial use it.
- No claiming you drew my art;
- No stealing etc;

Types of Art:

Sketch: $2 (Very quickly done, you can line and color it as long as you credit me!)
rainchibiS by Rain-ette

Lineart: $4 (will do my best to show details and make the best lineart! You may color in if you credit me!)

rainchibiL by Rain-ette

Colored Image: $8 + (Goes up for complexity. If i really like the soosh the price will not go up!) (Shading can be done upon request)

Rainchibi by Rain-ette Rain - MYO Soosh - NFT/S by Rain-ette

Pixels: $8+ (Same as above) (Old Example)

F1b62a8110a9b57043e031c4dc6a7916-d7pd2jj by Rain-ette

+ Extra characters are double.
+ Discounts are available if I really like the Soosh (Yes i have quite a few I like!)

If you'd like a commission, please fill out this form:

- Username:
- Reference of Soosh:
- Personality:
- Anything Additional: (Characters, pose ideas, etc)

Thats all! Thank you!

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Submitted on
February 11, 2016


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