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I have the wonderful Sixbane and Juliet is my bae but I need my other baes to have rps too;;

Atleast like one or two?
I got too many characters;;

These are the chars I want to rp with:

Sakura Blossom Kitten By Hinausa-d8nrxdo by Rain-ette By Shouu Kun By Sebonyan-d8g2m94 by Rain-ette By Bkomae By Prism Candy-d9gp9g0 by Rain-ette Lacriette Adopt Payment 2 By A Hyue-d9386pd by Rain-ette(the girl here //needs to find her full ref)

But in order:
Yin, Hei, Tometheus, Luna.

I can offer descriptions and etc of them!

What I am looking for:
- A friend to lover;
- Friends

What I'd like you to do:
- Post a character/s with a small description! I will tell you who best fits them and we can go from there c:
- I lit rp with paragraphs - you have been warned. I don't expect the same but no one liners pls;
- If they become good friends or couples, I do draw them! So Im looking for serious offers only.
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whiizu Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I thought about this a bit before commenting because for a while, my work schedule was super crazy and I worried that I wouldn't have time but things are getting better, so here goes! :dummy:

Ulla is a very kind and warm-hearted wolf kemonomimi who's passion in life is growing and working with the flora in her garden.

Despite living on her own, she's brave, outgoing, and has no problem trying to make friends. She's very much the type to give you the shirt off of her back. In some cases, even literally.

Unfortunately, she's rather gullible, and has been known to fall for stupid pranks that most people could easily see through.
She's a bit of an airhead, and still 100% believes that creatures like fairies, mermaids, and unicorns are real. She's rather passionate about that belief as well.

So while she's nice and friendly, deep down she's lonely because her interests and mannerisms isolate her from others.
Re-Pyper Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I haven't thought much on her, but I have this super cute mouse girl that I think would be nice with Hei; >w<
(I was gonna use her for a group, pretty much as a peace keeper/gate watcher type but the group kinda died. v.v lol)

I defiantly see her as the "good in school, book worm" that's not as goody-goody as people think. XD But has a big heart and worries about others.

Anyways, idk. She's pretty open and flexible. ^^

I haven't really rp'd in a while- I used to rp on Gaia, five or six rps that lasted from 2006-2012/13, and only a few small/story style ones since then. x_x But I miss it a lot and would probably draw them together a lot because omg cuteness. ;o; lol!

*ramble, ramble* Sorry I'm so bad at this LOL :iconlazycryplz:
thatpersondoe Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm up for any rps, I'm very active and I'm somewhat literate (each rp varies different characters) and I don't have a full reference of each character yet, but I'm working on it...
ShiramiMBW Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Mokona Ref

Mokona (He can be nicknamed as Moko) is energetic and loves being in trees. He's optimistic and its rarely seen as him being pessimistic. He is able to fly around even though his wings appear to be too small. He's able to grow out his wings to make them larger and make them smaller whenever he needs to so his wings won't be in the way. Although he is a omnivore he prefers sweet foods like candy and cake (Though he hasn't eaten a lot throughout his life). Due to him being part rabbit he can jump higher thank normal humans could. He can change his hands to claws and back whenever he needs to do so. Also, No one knows why he's able to change his hair from black to white and back whenever he feels to do so. It mostly happens when he's being competitive and he probably wants to show how serious he could be within situations. This also causes his eye colors to switch around.
vesinir Featured By Owner Edited Jun 3, 2016
Rei "Mura", a female that is generally laid back. She loves games and jokes but can be rather serious. She wants to be an Exorcist when she is older but is holding it off until she finds out more about herself. Like how she came to be.
( Rei, Hei, that made me laugh actually. )

She is a warm-hearted person that worries about others, but usually says she doesn't care.
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