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Looking for:

Wmhrtbby by Rain-ette

Info on her:

- Name: Danielle Grey (First name may change as it was the first thing to pop into my head!)

Age: 20

-Height: 5' 3"

-Scar: Looks like a little choker around her neck

- Species: Wolf Heartbaby

- Personality: Very sweet and caring. She is often nervous, clumsy and to herself. When approached by a cute boy she will usually fluster and twirl her hair in her hands. She loves to read and go outside and take strolls. She feels very at peace with nature and often wears glasses to see everything more clear. When she does wear her glasses she will often be seen pushing them up at random times when nervous or not sure what to say. She can be very open to those who she is close to and isn't very picky in what to eat. She adores looking at the flowers and sniffing them as well as seeing cute animals like deers and foxes and insects like butterflies. She often puts flowers or bows in her hair. Her wardrobe is very open - she loves lolita dresses, anything pink or blue as well as casual tomboy clothing. Her hair is very long and is either tied up in a ponytail or down. She is very friendly towards everyone she meets and will be open-minded about everyones hobbies. As for her, she makes stuffed animals in her spare time and loves to litter her room with them! 

Rules: (Only applies to mate and not friends)

- Male only please;

- Must rp them! (I would LOVE if you got them art too or wrote them stories but Rping is my main priority. I will get them art c: )

- Please comment or PM me with details on your heartbby/character!


Rp Rules: (This only applies to a mate and not to friends)

- Must be over 18 - ok with minimual violence (like small cuts or bruises - nothing like torture/etc) and must be ok with smut (doesn't have to be fully played out, im fine with anything and very laid back when it comes to whats inside rps.)

- Must reply frequently if possible. I understand not every day is possible but please don't go a week-month and leave me hanging without speaking to me, I will just break it off, sorry!

- I rp via Notes/Skype/PMs/Discord or via Stash.

- Please keep it above 3-4 sentences! I lose muse very easily when there is only a sentence or two. If you're running out of muse just tell me! We can work out plots, details and etc! I usually put in a lot of details so people know where the character is, the setting or what they are doing!

- Please keep in contact with me. Even if you can't reply I'd love to talk about what the character's love to do together - school projects, dancing, playing video games, sleeping the day away - etc! This helps me get ideas what to get drawn for them!

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Submitted on
October 5, 2016