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What I can pay with;
- USD (after christmas) / GC and items (Now)

I am looking for specific art of my babies<3

I am actually going to list here EXACTLY what I'm looking for and if you are interested in drawing ANY please list which one and prices;
I am going to pay after Christmas if possible!

Highly Wanted -

- Ralph and Vanillette Head touch -
sugar high by PillowRabbit [COMM] candyland by PillowRabbit - An emotional moment where Vanillette just witnessed Ralph coming from her bag after she finished her identity trial. The two are now connected forever and accept this connection through a headtouch.

- Juviette and Scout -
879 - Freezing Wolf by TheKingdomOfGriffia SCOUT!! by PillowRabbit - Juviette looks up to Scout and really likes gifting her, Scout loves all her gifts even the rocks. So I'd love a picture of Juviette giving Scout a rock and Scout looking so happy to keep it - maybe putting it in her bag with all the other ones?

- Heidi and Scout -
i have a pistol party and i kill em all by PillowRabbit SCOUT!! by PillowRabbit
- Heidi originally did not want to be a mother - even though she loves sprouts, she was afraid to lead her down the wrong path. I really want a picture of her holding Scout tightly and being upset over the thought of ever letting Scout go. She could never do that and often treats her like she's still a newborn.


- Art of any of my girls;
i have a pistol party and i kill em all by PillowRabbit sugar high by PillowRabbit 879 - Freezing Wolf by TheKingdomOfGriffia

- Reference of Juviette and Chloe;

- Art of Kiki and Heidi;
416 - Cape Fox by TheKingdomOfGriffia

Just comment if you have any open!
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Seyeba Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I can offer to do Reference Sheets for Juviette and Chloe!
Such as:
Get out of here before I TOSS you out. by Seyeba WATCH OUT HERE I COME by Seyeba  
They will come with:
A reference of their bag and strap
An 'unofficial rebase' style fullbody
A front/back view with no hair and no clothing
Colour palette and personality description
and four different outfits! 

I do not have these listed in my commissions list but i feel most comfortable charging about $25 (or 25 GC or its worth in items) for one refsheet if that's alright!
DrawinglyWillingly Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can do tons! <3 I love working in bulk. 
Beanbag Gift1 by IhateyouHason In this style specially! 
ifyouorderinbulkiwillmakeadiscountomggggg ;;;ww;;;7  
ceIine Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist

commission information [open] (examples are in the link)

thank you !! <3

poofygirlgaming Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2017  Student
*throws love at you*
But seriously these are really cute ideas andddddddd
Will prob finish tomorrow or on christmas BCUZ WHY NOT
Cipple Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2017  Professional General Artist

Hi dear, I'd really love working on commission for you!!!
But i really don't know if bagbeans is a closed specie and that means I can't draw them:) please tell me before;)
and, if not...

please check out my gallery for more samples!

My Prices usually vary according to general complexity of the drawing: how many characters there are,if fullbody, if coloured or not, if there is a background or not, if traditional or digital. So, just tell me exactly which is your idea, and I'll do my best to make you happy!!

I can start as soon as received payment since I have just finished my latest commission :) I am really fast and hardworking :we would be done in a couple of days, probably less :)

Patreon Pack 2 by Cipple   fullbody oc commission Hyena mixed with bath by Cipple    THE CHIBI CUBS pagedoll commission by Cipple   KINTAURUS HEADSHOT PAGEDOLL COMMISSION by Cipple   Sirius CANINE COMMISSION by Cipple  

Nookiin Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Rain!!! I am doing art for form items! !! or gc
PillowRabbit Featured By Owner Edited Dec 23, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Gimme all ur money
500 F 62744508 JlAvM6CDqt0vfjtWLXVhHQBuBe9NOOfX by PillowRabbit
Rain-ette Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
arteest76 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I can do any of the relationships in a style like this…
Except with a better background!
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December 23, 2017


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