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I really want someone to co-own this couple with me:
By Shouu Kun By Sebonyan-d8g2m94w by Rain-ette+ Sakura Blossom Kitten By Hinausa-d8nrxdow by Rain-ette


I am partly doing this because I could use some extra cash; so yes this is a weird thing to offer but I'mma try?
I paid 90$ each for them, not including art i got for them.
I really want them to be paired up but I don't want to be the only owner.

I am looking for a second owner who will help co-own the couple. You'd have to pay to co-own but it's like any other normal co-own. You will be the first one I contact if i want to sell, but you may NOT SELL, GIFT OR TRADE the co-own. If you do I will just break it. 

I am and will stay the main owner unless I sell my half to you. (Yes this is a really dumb thing to do, but a lot of people have interest in these two whenever I put them for trade/etc so maybe someone would like to co-own?) Remember you will be co-owning both; not owning one; etc.

IDK if this fails imma just delete this.

ALSO: I would LOVE if someone who is really good with kitsumera designs to help me design mine! I have an idea BUT; I am trying to think of things to add to the design / look for someone to draw it for me! I can offer compensation/characters/etc if allowed!
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Submitted on
May 19, 2016