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These two poor girls don't have a proper soulmate! Part of me was thinking of soulmating them together but I am unsure so I'm keeping them up for soulmate offers for the moment!
Please if you offer to soulmate do NOT trade the bean you're offering, nor offering a bean you're trading.
If interested please comment with your bean's masterlist and a small snip bit of their personality/who they would work well with.

- Vanillette;
588 - Baking Wolf by TheKingdomOfGriffia
- She is a sweet girl - until you learn of her secret past. She is ruthless, fearless and will do whatever it takes to achieve her goal. She is a mob leader, running the opposing gang of The Flock, called The Pack. She is very good to those in her gang and treats them like family as well as her friends. She is extremely protective of who she's close to - including Chloe, Heidi, Kiki, Lara, Quinn, Aria, and many many more - don't cross her path! She is Juviette's mother and until Juviette feels like leaving home-anyone who soulmates with her has to be ok with her sprout.

- Chloe;
REBASE - 532 Cracker by AicaraCalatia
- Chloe is a lost soul - she is very complicated as a bean and has a lot of issues. She is often anxious and fears that other beans will judge her. She tries so hard to be cool but is only cool to herself and to her close friends. She pretends to be who she's not so she will be loved by others but anyone close to her will see easily through all her white lies and to who she really is. Chloe is honestly a fighter and a very caring bean - her heart is always in the right place. She hopes for a good life - often going on adventures in hopes to find what she's lacking.
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denpun Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2018
Im not sure if youre looking at toxes (and my baby is up as an offer right now) but good luck! <3 
Synesthesially Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
#954 Hybrid Bagbean - Glasseye Snapper by griffsnuff
maybe my bean mia with vani?
as you said on discord, vani has a bakery, maybe one day mia decides to be a waitress there? (with a maid outfit on ofc xD) so um, she's super shy, super clumsy, introvert, will rarely talk with other griffians, is really innocent and knows no cuss words, but when you get to know her better, she's super sweet and adoring. She totally loves fishes, she has like a huge collection of fishies on her house ^v^ 
EMSl Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Charlotte (OFFICIAL) redesign by EMSl

Charlotte is one of the kindest cutie you may find. When she came in Beania, running away from a dark past (The Flock), she decided to start again. She grew up with happiness and hope in her heart, and hope never abandoned her. She's was very shy, and a little goofy, easily panicked. These traits got better when she received the gift of her child (a kit, Joy) for Christmas time, so she opened her café, The Pink Piggy, and doing her best to give Joy a perfect life. Not always easy tho, she's not that expert and a partner would be a big help to her!
Em-Lilly-Lavender Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not sure if you'd consider faunts?
204 - Fudge by TheKingdomOfGriffia   Griffia ~ Perfaunt ~ Rude Fudge by Em-Lilly-Lavender
Prideful, hard worker, soft spot for little ones. He's the tough type that doesn't show his emotions often. Has a resting jerk face. Doesn't get along with most griffians, but has a few close friends. Can also sometimes not care in the work he does. The only think he's super duper passionate about is his Chocolate. He doesn't like doing what other's tell him, he'd rather make his own path.

I think he'd work best with Vanillette?
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