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First one on this list - Juviette
879 - Freezing Wolf by TheKingdomOfGriffia- Juviette is a misunderstood sprout who never truly got to see the good in the world. Born in isolation and raised by a thief/backstabbing guardian -she isn't sure how make friends, play nice or be nice. Juviette was rarely given proper care to and it shows by how she speaks and acts. Juviette speaks in the third person with no want to move forward - learn how to speak or how to make friends. She is known to be quiet and sneaky - to herself and will steal if she feels she has to survive that way. She feels no guilt for it. Lastly - she treats others how she was originally treated. Meaning example; she was bad so her guardian tore up her favorite stuffed animal and in response when another bean is bad, she'll tear something of their's up too.

Roles I'd like with her; (Bolded roles are those needed - Underlined are gotten - MORE/different roles can be made if we think of them!)

- Motherly figure - Chloe/Vanillette/IDK yet -- IF you feel your bean fits please give me some of their personality so i can see if they do!
- Best Friend and Crush - Taken by PillowRabbit 's Scout - Juviette loves and adores Scout - and wished one day to be her soulmate/wife but Juviette slowly realizes that Scout is more mature and free than Juviette wants to be/or is, resulting in even though she might have a broken heart - Juviette realizes that Scout will always be there as her guide and best friend even if she doesn't share the same feelings. She will always look up to Scout.
- Best Friend - I want one other best friend for her;
- Forbidden Friend - Taken by Caldercloud 's Kit - Kit's mother sees Juviette as bad/not quite right therefore doesn't allow their friendship yet Kit will sneak out to see Juviette. The two then probably get into a lot of mischief.
- Friends
-Fatherly figure - Taken by denpun 's Koa - a friendly father figure who Juviette stumbled across from. Koa is very sweet to Juviette - even having tea parties with her and making her feel like she can truly be a kid.
- Crush - This Bean would have a crush on Juviette (so i'd prefer a sprout or a bean who is currently a sprout in your story. This could also be later when Juviette has her trial done and is more adult/teen)
- Siblings? 

Next - Chloe

- Chloe is a smoker, thief and very detached from life. She is extremely carefree, does drugs and is very insecure. She pretends to be strong and a fighter - saying she has killed 35000 beans because she is a toughie and a badass when she honestly can't even take on Heidi - let alone Vanillette. Though they are her best friends she feels she has to measure up to them and be better but it never happens and she calls constantly. She however does have a big heart, loves sprouts especially Juviette and wants to take her under her wing but isn't sure if she'd be a good mom.

Relations I'm looking for;

Friends -
Girlfriend/Soulmate -
Child - If not Juviette I do want her to mother a sprout eventually!

Best friends belong to Vanillette and Heidi.
Sibling - Imogene

Lastly - Imogene
- I AM keeping her but going to slightly redesign her most likely.
-Imogene is a very cunning, sassy and sarcastic bean. She taught Chloe all she's known about stealing and lying and though Chloe SUCKS as lying - so she rarely does it, Imogene is great at it with a poker face. Imogene has not killed but will kill if necessary. She is tough and ruthless and gives the world a middle finger - hating nearly anyone in it. HOWEVER - whole Imogene is bad, like Chloe she can be soft, it just takes a while to get to. Imogene has to have you earn her trust or know she can trust you in certain situations.

Relationships I want;

- Friends;
- Girlfriend/Wife - I originally wanted a AN parasplicer to be her gf but I honestly overworked myself stressing about getting one, so I'm doing whatever now!
- Best Friend -
- Child - 

- Sibling taken by Chloe.
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Illvemye Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2017
aa i can comment on here now that i finished my story page
i have this girl who could be friends with juviette, she is currently a sprout in my story and grows up in a very high class family who looks down on her because of her beanotype (edgy ik just roll with it)
she goes outside whenever she can and she could meet her then?
371 - Ladybird by TheKingdomOfGriffia Page 1 - Pea by Illvemye
Ne-chi Featured By Owner Edited Dec 22, 2017  Hobbyist
My Hope takes care of many lost sprouts and she'd Love to be the Motherly figure for Juviette c:
She sweet when teaching what's right and wrong and a very patient bean. 
Hope - Reference sheet by Ne-chi
denpun Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2017
You got Koas personality spot on. 
She has quite the family there haha.
Rain-ette Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
to get them drawn yessssssssssss
i want this so badly
she needs to be loved
denpun Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2017
Loved and protected. I completely agree.
GrauOrchidee Featured By Owner Edited Dec 21, 2017  Professional General Artist
I offer Diamond as tribute!  Perfaunt Tracker #104: Diamond 
She's a smooth talking conwoman with a sadistic side and conflicted feelings towards the upperclass (she hates them due to jealousy, but also desperately wants to be like them).  She's got a secret soft side only reserved for people she's close to, which generally shows itself as her "sharing" (giving) her favorite pieces of jewelry/perfumes/etc and then denying having performed any kindness.    

It might be fun if she and Imogene just have "lie off" of sorts where they just make up increasingly outrageous lies to try and trick the other out of something they want.
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