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I have a few bb ideas I really want ahhh;;//dies I love The new Elementals;-; 

Type of bagbean: Retro Artic Fox - Legendary
Bag or backpack: Bag
Colors: White, Cream, Light blue/s; Black
Gender: Female
Patterns/markings: Something pretty simple; Black legs and black arms with the blue or pink sparkles/fades;  #659 Blessed Legendary BB  w/m - Pixelated fox by griffsnuff(Something simple like this)
Hairstyle: #452 Nomnom - Rice by griffsnuff (Something like this - black hair with streaks of rainbow neon colors)
Accessories: Glowsticks, glow bracelets, shutter shades (…) Looking like a 2009 sparkle dog; Spiked collar/bracelet on the tail;
Teeth yes or no: yes, fangs
Scars yes or no: Nah;
Mutation/s: I'd love the normal legendary eyes but pink or blue instead of white;
Personality: Thinks they are one of a kind, super punky and super cool - they don't need to listen to anyone they are the best.

Type of bagbean: Glowing Rainforest - Biome
Bag or backpack: Bag
Colors: Cream, Gray, White - Light blue, Light Green
Gender: Female
Patterns/markings: Leaf - like markings, spots! Little tear drops and leaves on her;
Hairstyle: Crazy long - can get lost in - up to you!
Accessories: Collar, failed hairclips to keep her hair in check - flowers in hair.
Teeth yes or no: yes, fangs
Scars yes or no: Nah;
Mutation/s: Glowing blue eyes?
Personality: Crazy, spunky, not afraid of anything, very curious and has the look like she's seen some shit.

Type of bagbean: Heavy Rain - Elemental BB
Bag or backpack: bag
Colors: Dark gray-blue, grays, blues, little bit of black and white;
Gender: Female
Patterns/markings: Black eye shadow markings and black under her eyes too to look like she's tired; Rain drop markings or splotches of spot markings;
Hairstyle: Straight cut bangs and two long skinny pigtails that start at the bottom of her hair line and not the top; Fade from Blue to white;
Accessories: Little rain coat + umbrella, maybe even some rainboots; stickers on her jacket of rainbows. 
Teeth yes or no: yes, fangs
Scars yes or no: No;
Mutation/s: No;;
Personality: Tired, lazy, sad, very pouty and always lacks energy - kind of just lays on the floor and lets other beans honestly scoot her around with a broom or something;

Type of bagbean: Baking Hyena - Legendary Bean - Sister/Cousin to my Baking wolf;
Bag or backpack: bag
Colors: Cream, blue, pink, white, black and light brown;
Gender: Female
Patterns/markings: Light Brown and white coat and mostly blue frosting with pink and white sprinkles - so like the opposite of Baking wolf;;
#588 Legendary BB w/m - Baking Wolf by griffsnuff

Hairstyle: Like Baking Wolf's Hair but black instead of white; with a lot of shaped sprinkles;
Accessories: Donuts! Yes;; or macaroons?
Teeth yes or no: yes, fangs
Scars yes or no: No;;
Mutation/s: Maybe colored eyes?
Personality: Spunky and spoiled - likes to act like she knows everything; she doesn't!
CheriPearl Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dang.. they all sound so cool but their bb types make it so hard to get! ; - ; <3

Good luck on your dreamies <3
Love to seem them!
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September 6, 2017


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