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Farewell Feeling Mural

remember that mural I went up to CT to paint at the Lyman Allyn art museum? it's now finished and the exhibit it's part of is OPEN! if you're in the area and have some free time definitely check it out and let me know what you think!!

this is the digital illustration I did that the mural is based on. I haven't sorted through my photos yet so for now I'm posting this :) if you want to see photos of the real mural you can check out the facebook here:

I'll be going back up on November 5th for a manga drawing workshop. can't wait!

links: Lyman Allyn website: [link]
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I was at Lyman Allen for this exhibit. I purchased a small print of this and lost it and have been looking everywhere for a copy, if you know where I can get one?
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I would be happy to send you one if you pm me your mailing address; I still have lots :)
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That would be awesome, thank you. How do I PM you?
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Love how muted the colors are -- they fit the manga perfectly :D
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thanks! the mural turned out way brighter though xD but it's all good!
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Ew, they put a creepy smiley there!
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haha that's ok I knew what you meant xD
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That mural blows my mind! And I really wanna try and make it to the manga drawing workshop, but November is a busy month for me. OTL BUT I WILL TRY
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if you make it up for the workshop that would be awesome! don't worry about it if you can't, though; CT is pretty far.

riiiiiiboooooons are an obsession of mine @_@
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yeaaaaah, I didn't really think about that until you brought it up. :/ waah
xD i can tell! LOL
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