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Time Fades Chapter 02 Part 02 (Spanish)



Fancómic de MLP; FiM. "Time Fades"-"El Tiempo Desaparece".

Capítulo 00 - Prólogo
Capítulo 01 - Fluttershy

Capítulo 02 - Rarity y Applejack
Página 02 de 04 en Español.

Capítulo 03 - Rainbow Dash
Capítulo 04 - Pinkie Pie
Capítulo 05 - Twilight Sparkle
Capítulo 06 - Spike

Arte: Wadusher0
Historia: Rated-R-PonyStar
Cómic original en Inglés: aquí

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Ever since rarity and applejack were foals when they had done things differently while being there in times of need. During colorutura's birthday party rarity wondered if applejack and colorutura were getting close when rarity couldn't stand it and vanished as everyone had split up to search for rarity when it was applejack who found rarity first as now they was to become close as even going to the point of tying the knot.