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Sushi Doggies - 2/4/2014 - CLOSED

By Railguns
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I haven't made any sushi-themed adoptables in a while, so here you go! I realized that I've been uploading a ton of dessert and sweets-themed adoptables lately and...not really much else. Sooo...after I get those muffin, ice cream, and cake ones pumped out and ready to go, I'll work on some other things. More savory foods instead of just sweets. Probably even branching out to more sweet things and whatnot. We'll see! Already have some plans for some lions tonight or tomorrow.

The tails can be either parts of them or accessories. So -- if you wanted them to have a normal tail underneath it that's perfectly fine. That's kind of what I had in mind while designing these but it can go either way!

You may offer points, money (USD PAYPAL ONLY), art, designs, etc!

Money > points > art/designs/etc

- Do not resell for more than what you paid, and don't sell it for money if you bought it for points
- Mention me in any artwork you do with them! I would love to see it. ;u;
- No major changes -- just keep them recognizable
- Do not repost (keeping it in your stash or on a photobucket account is fine, though)
You have 24-72 hours after I accept your offer to send the payment (depending on what time I accept). If you don't send in that time, I'll remind you once/twice and if you don't so much as respond it WILL GO TO THE NEXT HIGHEST OFFERER.
Reply to my comments to offer, and please offer fairly ouo
- Base offer of at least $1/100Points preferred, please!

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT POINTS ARE OF LESSER VALUE TO ME THAN MONEY. And $2 is more than 150 points. Please check other offers before you make your own, thank you!

And last of all;

I understand something coming up, but don't do the whole "yes/no/yes/nevermind/idk!!!!" dance with me. And don't just...not reply and not send for forever after being told I accept your offer. :I That's just damn rude and I'll be less inclined to sell to you in the future.

Once bought, you may get the unwatermarked version. Just ask!

1. SEATTLE ROLL - CLOSED - TheUntouchedRemedy

2. EBI NIGIRI - Keeping

Drawn out on my own. Please do not repost these without permission. Thank you!

If you are buying as a gift, please tell me who the character is for. I like to keep a record of who has my designs because I love seeing what people do with them. :>
If someone on my block list happens to get a character through someone else by this, I have every right to return payment to the original buyer and reclaim the character. I do not want anything of mine associated with people I do not want near me, and I assume that that is understandable.
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interesting designs
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Oh god make california roll one XD These are so cute !!
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I'm not entirely sure if this is still open buuuuuuuut if he is then :3 

ill offer

3-4 full commissions and 100 :points: 
plus a feature on my page for life 
plus a free custom adopt based one either on of my closed species (Torros or Balloon-Buns) both are located on my page under the commission widget
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I'll offer art of any of your characters or an icon
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3 Traditional badges [In my $10 pricing tier, which includes name, stickers, and background.], Laminated and shipped. Plus every and any character from the sale section here. 
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I can offer art slave status, a couple designs and 100 points
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Sure! ouo Just sent payment to on Paypal and I'll mark you as the owner whenever it's gone through!
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Awesome! I'll send it over in a few minutes, keep an eye out for it! 
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Payment sent! 
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same offer here, art slave, designs, and 100 points
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Oh man oh man Seattle
as a Washingtonian I need this

I could uh
offer portraits (detailed 95x95 pixel icons)
and/or some designs.…
I could probably also do some custom adopts on certain bases I've bought, since I don't feel like starting from complete scratch on digital art.
Been in a rut with that lately.
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I'd like to offer 150 points and some art commissions. c: 
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