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Zhou Lirong (Azure Winged Magpie Annie MYO)

Finally used my common Annie MYO I won from the Before the Blessing contest!! : D

周理融 / Zhou Lirong (Zhou being surname, Lirong being given) is a physician who uses his blessings to seek out plants and herbs to become a better physician. 
I'm just gonna write out some rough ideas for him so I don't forget LOL 

His connection with his blessing wasn't extremely strong, which is why he didn't grow magpie wings after the blessing. But he uses his better sense of hearing, sight, and memory from his blessing. Essentially he adapted more non-physical traits from his blessing than physical, which served him extremely well as he pursues medicine. 

He's currently a physician and a lot of the enhanced abilities his blessings gave him allowed him to have better memory to memorize a bunch of ancient books, and better hearing / sight to find plants and herbs he needs more or diagnose patients correctly. He isn't born with any natural talent for medicine, but because of the skills he was later blessed with, it helped him in that sense.

Rarity: Common (1 blessing)
Blessing: Azure Winged Magpie (Photo) 

Species by @/Yamio 
Anniverse :iconanniverse:
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Awww he's sooo gentle looking and love the traditional look of his outfit. Really interesting info too you give him about his blessing.: o I really like him ♥

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He looks so sweet, gentle, and a rather soft boy~ I like the simplicity of his design that it still conveys personality. The patterned blue and black coloration of his clothes, that long hair resting on his shoulders adorned with gold ties, really gives a serene, homely, and comforting vibe~

Tachibana-Mizuko's avatar

Black and blue colouring is always a favourite of mine, but the simple patterns and gold details you have added make it very effective and less plain! The subtle gold shows some of the wealth he's made from being a physician, but keep him looking modest~

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He's such a sweet looking boy. 
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