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Rules: Use one or more of your OCs, maybe even add yourself if you please to take this interview test

ADDING A FUN RULE: You have to TAG a deviant who's username starts with the question's letter!

You can use your watchers list if you need help, but try to do it off the top of your head!


 Hikari Yamanaka

Hikari Yamanaka by RaikuHoshigami

-A. How old are you?

 I'm 15 years old.

-B. Do you want a hug?

 From a cute boy, yes!

-C. Do you have a bad habit?

 Uhm, I don't know, my friends say that I eat a lot,
that I can be a bit
shallow and obsessive compulsive
when I fall in love, but
those can't be bad habits right?, right!?

-D. Are you virgin?

 Hey!, what kind of question is that!?,
I'm not an easy girl you know!

E. Do you have a child?

 Of course not!, but when I become adult, maybe,
with my chosen one.

-F. Favorite food and beverage?

 Uhm, I love most types of food, but I dislike junk food.
Same with the beverages.

-G. Have you ever killed someone?

 What!?, never!, I will never kill a person, is against my moral and ethic code.

-H. What ideas you have for a date?

 Well, everything that can be fun, I like go to dance (For some reason my partners
end with some injuries, but I don't know why.), eat a lot of food (I love food but
 most of my partners doesn't like food so much because when they see me
eating, they don't want to eat anymore. I wonder why?),
do competitions in fun and extreme sports, beat some bullies and delinquents,
driving at full speed with my bike and beating some delinquents,
going to the pool and play extreme volleyball (Sometimes we are expelled from
the pool and my partner have to go to the hospital),
and of course
see the nature with my partner would be cute too.

-I. Do you have some artistic talent?

 Uhm, I don't know, I'm good at fighting.  Fight is a kind of art right?

-J. Do you love someone?

 Yeah, I love tall boys with cute face, stylish hair, perfect body, white and shiny teeth,
sweet and cool voice, wearing fashion clothing everyday, better if they are popular. 
I love all of them and when I find someone, I want to have a date with him,
but when we date, he tells me at the end that he doesn't love me.
It's painful . . . , but I won't give up!, there are a lot of handsome and cute boys out there!
What?, of course that is love, isn't it?

-K. What is your job?

 Maintain order in the streets, I'm the police captain you know. An exiled captain who has
only one subordinate. He's weak, but has potential.

-L. What is your favorite season?

 Autumn I think?, I like the red tones.

-M. Who is your best friend?

 My best friend at school is Aiko-chan, but I hate Himeko, she's so arrogant and elegant you know!, makes me angry. 
But right now with all the chaos happening, Raiku is my best friend I think?.  He's so weak that I have to save him
many times when we fight delinquents, but if it were not for him, I'd be dead for sure.  He's so brave when I'm in trouble,
once he received a bad injure just for protect me from a coward attack.  When I was betrayed by all my subordinates and they
were about to kill me in an ambush, Raiku rescued me risking his life.  Since then, he has been the only one who supported me
all this time.  When I'm sad because I was rejected by my exboyfriends, he comforts me. 
He's the only one who doesn't feel uncomfortable when watch me eat.
He's very good playing extreme volleyball you know!, that surprise me.
He helps me to study too you know!, it's very hard studying when you have to save the world in chaos. 
Somehow, when he fight along with me, I feel stronger, and I can beat hordes of delinquents!.
Sometimes we have fights and disagreements because he say some boyfriends I date, are delinquents who want to deceive me and kill me,
it makes me angry that a weakling want to treat me like a child!, I can protect myself, I'm stronger than him!. 
But actually, some of the boyfriends I've had were delinquents who tried to kill me,
and although I told Raiku that he should go away forever, he always comeback to help me. 
As I told you,
if it were not for him, I'd be dead. 
If I love him?, no!, of course not. He's just a friend, a very good friend, my best friend.

N. Hobbies?

Uhm, I think I like to do the same things I mentioned you in my date ideas.

-O. What will you do when this tag finish?

 Get some food, I'm hungry you know!

-P. What color are your eyes?


-Q. Are you good or bad?

 In what?, I'm good at fighting and sports, I'm bad at cooking and with relationships.
If am I a good person?, I don't know, but I want to bring justice and peace to everyone.

-R. If you could get anything right now, what would be? 

 Peace, I want peace and over this war and chaos.

-T. Your name have a special meaning?

 Well, Hikari means "Light", and Yamanaka means "Along or inside of mountains".

-U. How were you as a child?

 I was a very active girl (I think still I am?), I was not interested in boys at that time,
I admired my father who was a brave police captain, so I trained so hard to be like him. 
I miss him. . .

-V. Do you have siblings?

 No, I'm only child.

W. Where do you live?

 Right now I don't have a residence, with Raiku,
we keep moving to different places for help people and try to end this chaos. Are we nomads?

-X. Do you consider yourself attractive?

 Yeah, the boys I dated told me frequently, but I don't know why they rejected me. Although Raiku tell me
that is no my fault but is their fault.  Tells me that I'm perfect and they never deserved me. 
He's a very good friend who always lift my spirits, but, is sad that he isn't popular with girls,
although I don't know why I feel relieved for that.

-Y. This was fun?

 Yeah, kind of, but I don't have much time,
there are some delinquents trying to rob a bank, I have to go.

-Z. Some last words?

Is all ready?, okay Raiku, let's go. 
. . . . . . . .
What?, are you still here?,
Go to the west area, there is more safe for you, hurry.


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Hello, this is Raiku.

I'm distributing the MMD motion data I made for the song SeeU/시유 ☆ Arirang [Techno ver. ]  made by Gagain.
Please read the readme file and get fun.  

Link to download:

File's password is here:…
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I didn't know how to name this journal, probably you will see this as a rant, but I don't like make rants, just informing people who watch my works.

First, because always will be there supporters and haters, I can understand that.  But when people at beginning come as "supporters" and "friends", but for unknown reasons, after some time, this people just stab you in the back, this is the worst.  Also, many people don't have enough guts for tell you directly but spreading hate to people and then, without reason, unknown people begin to hate you.  I really don't care when unknown people hate you, but when are people that you know, told you good things in the past or you made favors to them, is just disgusting.  

Some people probably know what I'm talking about, and this is something that I really didn't care at beginning but because the massive hate spread, suddenly I begun to receive much hate from people and somebody told me from where came this hate.  Don't worry, I've blocked all those people in my Youtube account and forgot them, and
I'll keep blocking trolls, count on it.  :icongreatjobplz:

I could name here the users who are spreading hate and probably many people would be surprised who are these people, are very known in MMD groups from here,
but it's not the case, I prefer ignore them.

I know there are good people who support me because they like my works without asking anything, but there are people who only write you because they want something, you know, for me this is annoying.  Is like, "I love your works, give me your motion data", or "You are amazing, use my selfmodel in your next work", or something like that.  
So, here are some answers for people who asked me before why I'm not using OC's or selfmodels from others anymore:

Is because the attitude from the people.  I don't have anything against the OC's or selfmodels, I think there are very cool OC's and people is very creative.  But because I like to use many models in my MMD animations, sometimes, in the credits I forgot to put the name of somebody, and then, these users begun to make drama because I forgot to credit them, so, for this reason, I'm not using OC's or selfmodels anymore, this is for avoid troubles.  :icongreatjobplz:

You know, japanese modelers (who make from scratch MMD models, not editing or taking parts from others) are not too stubborn with the credit, if you forgot to credit them, they are not hating you for that.  For sure, I think is good to credit people because is a sign of respect for the work they made.  Sometimes I forgot to credit because I use many models and is tiresome writing the credits.  Also, I understand why people from here require credit them so much, because also there are people who steals parts, designs, etc.  But in my opinion, if you want that people use your model, you must have good attitude and be prepared, many people will not give you credit, will take parts from your model or abusing of your model.  Distributing something to the public always is a risk, so, if you make a model and want to distribute to public, have a good attitude, if you have rules with your model, post them politely but not making preassure to people, many people will credit you for their own, others will not.  If you are not prepared, then don't distribute your model and post politely that you are not distributing your model (without hate).
This is just an advice, but I'm not using OC's or selfmodels anymore. :)

Also, there are motion data that I don't distribute to public, but in some cases, I give it to very close friends, but many people don't know what's the meaning of friendship.  In most of cases, I give by my will those motion data and not because somebody asked me.  I was being a bit tolerant before with people who asked me, but thanks to the false people who don't have a life and betrayed my confidence, I'll be more strict in this case and just giving stuff to people who I'm willing to giving stuff.  Probably I will not answer notes or messages if I don't want to give some stuff.  This is for avoid people who only write you because want some stuff, but almost never talk to you.
If you don't give them the stuff they are asking, are potential haters and false people.  The same case with my OC's.

I really don't care about being famous or popular, I just enjoy using MMD and make happy people with my works.  Other people who don't have a life always will taking MMD
just for feed their ego, making destructive criticizing of works from others, make rants about anything, trolling people, bullying newbies, etc.  The trouble is that many people from DA put attention to this kind of people and feed them, in other words, they love drama.  Japanese MMD community don't have MMD drama often, and that's because japanese people have culture for respect each others, if somebody try to get attention making drama or something like that, all users ignore that user, so, the troll dies.

I think real life have enough drama if you love drama, but turning MMD always in drama or spreading hate in any sense is lame and the worst, those kind of people don't have any respect from me.  MMD is for make smile people.  Many people complaint about the MMD drama, without know that themselves are creating drama.  Other people is hypocrite, they say that don't support drama, but they create drama just for fun or allow drama in their groups.

I'm not trying to convince users because I don't think this will change, but I suggest that if people want fun and no drama, then must begin with respect each others, ignore any picture or comment about destructive criticism to others (rants), being more friendly and talking to people not because you want some stuff or favor from them, but because the person, people have thoughts and feelings.  

Anyway, hope you don't hate me and understand me view point, if not, I can't help you.  Thank you to all my fellow supporters and friends who always are there for me, and I'm happy that I can make them happy throught my works.  I'll keep doing my best and getting fun.  For users who watch my works for first time, I hope you like them :)

Thank you for reading.   :iconarigatouplz:
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Hi everyone!, this is Raiku.  Finally I could finish my entry for the 2nd MMD MOMI Cup.  This time I've used the song "Jumping" by KARA.
I don't know the reason (maybe is about the google accounts) but Youtube doesn't allow me login in my 2nd account, so I had to create a new one.  Latetly Youtube already dissapointed me because the "new channel appearance", the low quality of image if you don't watch the videos in 720p HD, and the annoying ads. I'm looking for a new video page for upload my works.   

Anyway, hope you enjoy it.  :)…
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I was just listening some SeeU songs and I think she's very cool.  I found this song that seems funny but I can't find any english subs for it:…
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I just made a video of my first MMD Comic "Sparring with Naomi", I added some music and sound effects.  Enjoy it!  :icongreatjobplz:…
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Hi!, just sharing a very cool version of Home Home Dance with Hetalia characters, I'm thankful to this user for use my motion.



You can download the motion from here:…
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Hi!   I've uploaded the HD version of my MMD Cup 8 entry "Hatsune Miku Eazy Dance (Dance PV)", hope you like it:   :icongreatjobplz:…
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Hi everyone,   my friend Damesuke-kun just translated to english the lyrics of the song Japanese Ninja, used in my video for MMD DMC3 event.

Hope you like it!…
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Hi! everyone, this is Raiku.

Just wanted to share with you my 8th MMD Cup entry using the song  "Eazy Dance" by Mitchie M.

Hope you like it and thanks a lot for your support.

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If you want to help protect Miku Hatsune and other vocaloid videos from people that are being deleted on Youtube, please spread the word to all vocaloid fans and if you want, please reprint this video made by Japanese Vocaloid Community volunteers, make sure ask the same favor to more people, and if you speak other language, will be cool if you can translate the message too in your own language:

Thank you very much for your cooperation.   Vocaloid- Chibi Miku free icon by Nko-ennekappao…
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Japanese Vocaloid community are supporting to spread the word and protect YT users that upload vocaloid videos.

If your video is deleted by a fake report, please submit a counter-notification here.…

Please, spread the word.   Vocaloid- Chibi Miku free icon by Nko-ennekappao

[Somebody wants destroy Miku Hatsune on Youtube] Journal (japanese):…
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anaraquelk2 チャネル……...

xxKMSakura チャネル…

Turrent チャネル

KiokuSubs チャネル

TheKMSakura チャネル

Youtubeに動画をアップロードします。 ミクさんのファンのお陰で、

でも、 最近は日本人Youtubeユーザーは贋物コピーライト苦情でミクさんのYoutube動画を削除しています。 このままじゃ、世界はミクさんのことを忘れますが、日本にだけ顕すかもしれません。







みんなさん、 たくさんミクさんの海外ファンはとても心配していますが、
日本人の手伝いが欲しいです。 もしよかったら、我々に手伝って下さい。 大好きなミクさんのために。


Journal Entry: Thu Jan 19, 2012, 7:34 PM
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Unbelievably the popular site for sharing files MEGAUPLOAD was shutdown today by the FBI and Department of Justice by "piracy".

Prototype of SOPA & PIPA?, the beginning of the end?……

Suppossed 'Anonymous' hacked Department of Justice site because their action against the sharing file site.…

Free premium membership day!

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 19, 2012, 10:29 AM
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Yay!,  I never expected having a premium membership account is so fun, well, at least I have to enjoy this just for today.   :iconsweatplz:

Check my profile if you want, I've added some other stuff just for today.  :iconranranruuplz:

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Stamp: Stop SOPA by TheRyanFord

Today is the blackout of many websites in protest against the absurd law SOPA and PIPA that support censorship and is a danger against internet freedom.  This law could affect not only United States but in a future, other countries if this isn't stopped.  Many sites like Wikipedia, Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc, are putting a message of blackout and ask U.S. people to sign petitions to the congress people against this law.  These days this law has been discussed in the congress and in The White House, Obama's administration is against this law but they just "freezed" it but not stopped entirely yet.  I think MMDers we can do something too, you can see dA is supporting this measure too, you can see the "debate SOPA" thing above.…

If you don't know what is about that law, check out the english site of Wikipedia or enter to the "debate SOPA" thing, above in your dA account.

I was thinking maybe we can make a MEME, making pictures with models holding a sign or a banner,  maybe like the saying "New MMD Community" or "I'm not leaving" message, but now with a new message about we are against this law.  I'm not very good making 3D things or making catchy messages but maybe somebody could make a message, for example "Stop SOPA and PIPA", "For internet freedom, stop SOPA and PIPA" or something like that, so, all MMDers we can make pictures and supporting the blackout.

Think that this law not only affect censorship of information, media, communication, etc, MMD is affected too and many ways, because the same facts that SOPA apply to websites, the same measures will apply to MMD works in case this law is approved.  

Also, in the description of the picture we can put a message putting links about what is SOPA and PIPA and why we must support the blackout against this law, for people who ignore this.  Is recommendable put many valid links for signing petitions or sending messages to the congress, for example these ones:…

But I think people can find more, some petitions are just for U.S. people, but this help to spread the word.  Is important to share the same message in your Facebook, Twitter, tumblr and any site about social network;  and your own websites too, or websites about MMD created.

Make journals about SOPA and PIPA, about the blackout or how people can help for stop that laws is a great idea too.
Share your journals and pictures about stop SOPA to your groups, not only could be about MMD, but anime, art, etc;  the important thing is spread the word.
If you are a group owner, you can write your journal about stop SOPA or putting links for sign petitions to the congress for stop this law.

Adding links to Facebook groups that are against SOPA and support the blackout, for example:…

For those who have dA premium membership, is good idea add stamps or other stuff that not only support the blackout but link to sites where people can sign petitions to the congress.

If you have more ideas, are very welcome.  Internet is ours, if we don't do something for protect it, we will regret it.

Thank you for reading and supporting.

You can sign here too if you want:…
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On January 23 is planned for be approved in the US a ridiculous law for "protect copyright" called "SOPA" -Stop Online Piracy Act-  for every content on the internet, but the truth is that internet freedom is in danger, government and corporations with the US Justice department, will have the "right" to send you to jail if you share or use "non authorized content" in your blog, facebook, Twitter, etc; many pages will be censored or clausured.  If this law is approved, many sites like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Wikipedia, and others will stop operations for 24 hours in protest against the law, "The blackout".………

If you are an US citizen, right now people are signing petitions against this law, you can help too if you don't want internet freedom finish.
Here's a page:

If you find other sites for sign petitions, make sure to sign and share with all your friends, I don't know if it will work but at least I think people have claim and use their rights of free expression.  Time limit is January 23.

You are allowed to repost this journal if you want, or make your own journal for spread the word.
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Just wanna share with you a special video made by Kawara-san, featuring Merry Christmas messages from many japanese MMDers.  Hope you like it.…

Merry Christmas!  :icongreatjobplz:
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Wow, this commercial is awesome, about Miku and everyone who support vocaloid making songs, illustrations, MMD PV's,etc.   :iconranranruuplz:…
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Yay!   :iconranranruuplz:

Time ago were a raffle for request an onion version of an OC and fortunately I won a slot.  :iconfinallyplz:

I love it!  :iconinloveplz:   Thank you very much!  :iconarigatouplz:

Onion Raiku by :icononionhead-fever: