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1st MMD MOMI Cup Abracadabra (1st Place winner)

Hello everyone, I've uploaded my Momi Cup entry Abracadabra, for those ones who haven't watched it yet. :icongreatjobplz:

Here is the link:


Please don't forget subscribe in my back-up Youtube account:


Thank you for your support! :iconfinallyplz:


Story-chan sexy dancer versionby :iconmusicalxsnowxbunny:

Denizen-chan sexy dancer version by :iconmusicalxsnowxbunny:

Midori-chan sexy dancer version by: :iconsarathehedgehog11: and :iconkaidraws:

Naomi-chan sexy dancer version by :iconsarathehedgehog11: ,:iconkaidraws: and

Stage: Kouma Lobby by Superg7fd3s

Effects: Photoshop
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Funniest thing I did for 2 weeks....I kept watching your MMD Abracadabra Remix xD.... Even at school xD

Honestly, I was kinda inspired to do my own motion because of it. But turns out, I'm already hurting my hip for sitting for 14 hours making my own abracadabra motion... I simply gave up and so... I kept watching yours... I showed it to my friends who use MMD and they really loved it...They told me to do a Final Fantasy Abracadabra but I told them that the motion wasn't gonna be distributed.... 

Still....I'm still waiting for this very awesome motion...
Squall118's avatar
WOW!!! I LOVED IT ALL!!! I watched your videos and I absolutely loved them all especially Abracadabra....

Though I'm sad you can't distribute the motion because of people aren't giving you the credit :(
But not like me... I really give credits to it's makers... I kept finding this motion for almost 7 Months until now... I really wanted it so bad...

Anyway.. Keep up your good work and I hope to expect more MMD Vids from you :iconeweplz:
RaikuHoshigami's avatar
Thank you so much!, and I'm sorry about that, and thank you very much for your support, I'm really happy you like my videos.  :iconawwwplz:

Thank you, I'll try.  :icondragonxpplz:
MagicMMD's avatar
Damn man.
Holy shit.
Thats amazing.
Iv'e been looking for the motion for ever. Iv'e seen someone have it on Youtube ><
I...Is there any way i could get the motion, even if its the Remix motion?
I promise I would credit and link back.
But, if no, I can understand why.
SwagnificentKat's avatar
Aw dangit, I thought there would be motion data for download. I spent so long looking for something that wasn't there. ;^; Aw well, & I LOVE your videos! I watched a whole lot of them! & How did the "little less conversation" One NOT win? Well, I mean the king festival thing? Anyway, I'm a big fan. o__o Sorry, I talk a lot when I am talking to awesome people. XD
RaikuHoshigami's avatar
Thanks a lot for your support, I'm happy you like my works. I'll try to keep doing my best in next works. :iconarigatouplz:
Defo-chan's avatar
I recently subscribed to you on youtube ^^ I love all of your works, especially Abracadabra!!
RaikuHoshigami's avatar
Thank you very much for your support! :iconarigatouplz:
Supersonia's avatar
Still waiting for this amazing motion ^^
RaikuHoshigami's avatar
I'm sorry, probably I won't distribute the motion data but I'm thinking in give it to you since you were watching my videos and I kept you waiting for long time, also, because I liked your participation videos in this MOMI cup. I'll give you when MOMI cup ends, but I'm just giving the one "Abracadabra Remix", because I don't want you have troubles with copyrights issues if you use the former Abracadabra song.
Supersonia's avatar
you haven't...forgotten... have you? D;
Supersonia's avatar
Hullo ^^

I guess we've both been busy, because I forgot about this until a few minutes ago xD

Would it still be possible to receive it? =)
Supersonia's avatar
ooh! I'd absolutely appreciate that! :D

And yes, I wouldn't mind receiving just the remix data, considering my main account has 2 strikes ^^; [at least I has a backup, I could always upload the video there instead XD]

Anyway, I thank you again and good luck, cause I wont be able to see the top 10 till I come home from Florida next friday :lol:
alphaeiri's avatar
wish the motion, camera motion and wav would be up for DL soon~~~ >.<
EternityLuv's avatar
This pic is beautiful!!! How'd u do it :O
RaikuHoshigami's avatar
Thank you, using MMD and the tools in the description
EternityLuv's avatar
ooo..i knew the mmd part but still oooo
N btw i freakin love ur video :) i cnt stop watching it!! im stuck ina hypnotic loop O.o a good one tho
RaikuHoshigami's avatar
he,he, I see.
Thank you! :icongreatjobplz:
EternityLuv's avatar
ur very welcome :dance:
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