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GtRO : Monodon (2018 revamp) by Raikouhou GtRO : Monodon (2018 revamp) by Raikouhou
(Changes/additions marked with **)

“Heh. You thought that was enough to stop me?”

**Name: Monodon Alabaster
Age: 37
Birthday: March 9
Gender: Male
Race: Norman (Human)
Height: 6’3” (193 cm)

Class: Rune Knight
Guild: N/A
Birthplace: Prontera
Current Town: Juno


- Confident and magnanimous at his best, arrogant and ruthless at his worst
- Smiles range from appearing lopsided to smirking. Can’t seem to smile “normally”
- Has a (mostly subconscious) tendency toward theatrics. As long as he’s attracting all or most of the attention, he’s doing his job
- Chivalrous to some degree. **Not above fighting women, children, or civilians if they prove to be dangerous, but refuses to harm innocents
- Doesn’t trust others easily
- Cynical and disillusioned. No one, at their core, is a good person. Not even himself
- **Tries not to care too much when dealing with other people, but occasionally can’t help it and will go out of his way to assist complete strangers, sometimes without being asked
- **Fair, despite his other traits, and accepting of misfits


+ Frozen desserts
+ Going on flights with Denebola
- Himself
- Humanity in general
- Drinking contests


As a child, Monodon enjoyed listening to tales of brave knights and their many courageous deeds, hoping to grow up to be just like them and keep people like his parents safe from monsters. He joined the Prontera Chivalry as soon as he was able, repeatedly proving his skills and motivation to its commanders. He was eventually appointed as the captain of his own squad, the members of which he treated more like friends than subordinates.

Several years later, he unexpectedly defected, killing his second-in-command and vanishing from public knowledge. Anyone that tried to pursue him never returned. When word of Monodon finally resurfaced, he had built a rather formidable reputation as the captain and founder of the Genusi Mercenary Company. He and his followers took care to never accept jobs that would be outright criminal in nature, so they were largely left to their own devices.

Most of those who knew him before his disappearance claimed he had become someone completely different. The polite, smiling, friendly young Knight had been replaced by a callous braggart, inconsiderate of the opinions or even safety of those around him. A very few of them wondered, what had changed him? Monodon himself isn’t saying.

**Current Story:

Though primarily hired to retrieve kidnapped children from a hideout near Rachel, the Genusi Mercenaries also had an optional objective to locate information on a missing person: a High Priest named Attilius. They succeeded in recovering the children but found no signs of Attilius. Not one to leave jobs left undone, Monodon continued to look for what became of the missing man in between (and sometimes during) subsequent missions. So far, he’s had no luck.


- Denebola: His Acidus mount, taken from the wild as a hatchling and personally raised by Monodon. Despite his massive size, Denebola is very docile and behaves more similarly to an extremely large cat
- Hirudynea: His secretary and receptionist, as well as co-founder of the Genusi
- Galinthias: Lieutenant and secondary healer for the Genusi


- +10 Long Horn
- +10 Valkyrie Shield
- Katzbalger

- Sigrun’s Wings
- Rune Circlet


- Left-handed
- Heterosexual
- SVD tank, with a lot of INT for magical defenses and rune magic
- Uses his sword only as a backup weapon
- Has a monstrous tolerance for alcohol
- Ditto for pain
- Doesn’t seem to believe in the concept of “free time.” If he’s not personally participating in a mission with the Genusi, then he’s busying himself with administrative tasks or training
- This also leaves him without the leisure to pursue a love life, so he’s fairly clueless about romantic matters
- Prefers to travel on dragonback instead of using warp services or airships, but never fights while riding Denebola if he can help it
- **Recently appears to have become “haunted” by a certain cookie-loving Lude. He hasn’t decided yet if he wants to name it or not

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