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barriss-story concept

This would be a, what they call it? reference sheet, character design concept, something like that? Since I did the comic in greyscale, for time constraints(though also to give it a manga feel), I wanted to make full body colored sketches of them to show everyone their new outfits.

Barriss’ outfit is indeed inspired by Rukia’s execution outfit. Reason is because I view Jedi as samurai, and from what I know when a samurai is about to be executed, they are usually wearing nothing but a kimono robe.

Ahsoka here is now a mercenary, using several gadgets like any bounty hunter would. And the only parts of her old outfit that she still has are her boots, which now have the addition a gadget to allow her to fly; and those tight dark pants. She is also wearing a belt that contains a belt buckle that’s possibly the exact same one that Barriss used to wear, which is what she gave her on the last chapter.

And then there’s her weapon, I”n not sure what to call it, though I can say that it is made of lightsaber resistant metal, and as seen on the comic, the ability to compact itself. She also has her lightsabers, or at least replicas of them since the original ones are gone, but for this story she didn’t had them with her And the scar across her face was something she got form bounty mission that must have been more deadly than expected, I actually am having a clear idea for what could be another comic that tells the story of how she got that scar.
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Why Ahsoka scar?
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When I look at this, the song "One of Us" from The Lion King 2 comes to mind.
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Ahsoka looks so cool in this outfit!
And Bariss in a penance robe - truly emphasizes the monk aspect of the Jedi.
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ahsoka looks awesome!
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Pretty cool. :D (Big Grin) 
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considering how well you last comic went i think you should make it
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Excellent piece :)
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Wow! Thats true Ahsoka!

I love how you did clothes ans scar...and with this weapon...she looks so cool! :worship:

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How did she got the scar onher face? :)
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From a dangerous bounty hunting mission.
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Good outfit designs :)
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I like these outfits of them. The thoughts behind it makes lot sense, well done. :)
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Love the outfits and the thought process behind them. :)
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Holy Sith! :wow:
I have to admit that seeing Ahsoka's bounty hunter clothes in color makes her look really cool. White really suits her. And I'm glad that she's still wearing her old panty house/pants thingamajig. I guess even bounty hunters still need to look flirty.

And it's really interesting what you did with Barriss dress(or to be more specific her execution dress). Since the Jedi are technically samurai I guess it's really fitting that Barriss wears a kimono(even though it's for execution). It's interesting that for a Star Wars character Barriss is the one that acts the most japanese. when she talked she did it with a sense of honor and respect. 

She was the one who was the most mature beyond her age which is interesting because for a powerful jedi knight she's still a child. And in TCW show her facial features had an asian quality(not because the show was animated in Singapore). She reminds me of Mako Mori from Pacific Rim. Quiet and respectful yet deadly in battle. 
Also her kimono looks very beautiful. 
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Thanks for giving us a glimpse into what was going through your head during the creative process. It is very inspirational. B-)

As to the scar, what if a creature caused it like an Acklay or a Nexu? Star Wars stories are often about people versus people with absolutely no focus to the exotic worlds around them. I loved that scene in episode 2 when the Acklay was giving Kenobi a difficult time. Sometimes a Jedi needs reminded to respect nature and every living organism. It's just a thought. Regardless, thanks again for sharing this with us. Your comic is one of my favorites that I have ever read. Epic props! :squee:
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Thanks! I like the creature idea.
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I have a question:  How did Ahsoka get the scar, or did I somehow miss that in your comic strip?
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No, you didn't missed anything, It was never explained how she got it. But like I said on my comment, she got that form a bounty mission that was deadlier than expected for her.
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