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Two worlds of music together

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This is so cute. I love the art style of this picture as well as their expressions. Sure their musical tastes may differ but they both share an extreme talent and passion which would untie them as friends (and maybe more).
D'aww, they are so lovely Meow :3 
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My friends and I in a nutshell. I like bands like Hollywood undead, avenged sevenfold,skillet, and thousand foot krunch. And my friends like pit bull, wiz, emenim. But yet we are like brothers
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Aaaww!!! Lovely!!! :D :D :D
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Oh I love it! licks!! 
The eyes, the shadows, the colours. everything!La la la la 
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yes.... easly my fav vinyl and Octavia art
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Aww friendship is wub
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Omg the details!! Just amazing!~
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I always like when they are portrayed as friends and not lovers.Nod 
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= an amazing mix though I'm more for the dubstep
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Best MLP couple ever!
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They're so cutie-putie *sounds gay* :3
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wow thats perfect
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I love this!
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I must say coffee your profile picture is of the charts did you create it yourself??
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Nope. My good friend *unitoone made it for me. :)
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oh wow man you got a great artist to do that for you. i envy you so its a very terrific picture
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