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Twilight Sparkle in Canterlot

The Twilight Sparkle picture that I have teased before, now finally finished after such a long time.
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Great art!
I, for one, have the impression Twilight doesn't show any emotion, as if her heart had hardened.
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Very seductive twi
Interesting how some people think she's pissed and others that she's giving a seductive look...
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Never seen her this pissed. Fav time anyway.
Is there a way if you can send this to me so i can use it as a slideshow for my desktop without the watermark or what will it take for one with no watermark.
I will also like to use it in a twitch slideshow
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I decided to remove the watermark so now you can and any one else can have the clean version as shown above.
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What a gaze she be giving... <3
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I really really really love this ^_^ x
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*Tapes wings on*
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I am sorry I have a question, where can I get this illustration without this central logo?
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Sorry, I don't have one, and it's watermarked because I was deisspinted by how it was being used by other people in terms of editing it and whatnot.
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And when it is planned to remove the watermark? I just looked at it and this magnificent art there and at other sites, art is very old and I have had it all to see, but have not seen in a modified form .-.
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I don't understand your question fully, your wording is confusing to me, but I don't have plans to remove the watermark, and besides this is such an old picture, I no longer have the original file or where I made this.
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Google translator :))) 
In general, I think do not need votermark (: 
Looks like he later figured out how to remove the watermark.
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very nice 
i love it
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"Come with me, Spike. We have a kingdom to save and some butts  to kick!"
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This looks amazing! keep it up! :D
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This is in spike's eyes when she's upset. She looks upset anyway. Also this looks like how she'd look at her boy friend😊
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Twilight:"My eyes are up here Sailor"

But seriously this looks Awesome.
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Twilight: I have no idea why your looking at me but I was looking for somepony to kill and it just so happens your now your gonna die. (Rips your head off with her magic)
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Like your style!

How come she looks so unhappy? Is she about to have to kick some flank?
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