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Twilight Sparkle and Cadence

I was in the mood to draw pony princesses, and seriously I think there should be more fan art of them together.
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Kiss already! And any and all comments who want to argue this will be ignored.
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Well, this could most likely work if the both of them were immortal; after Shining Armor has passed on, Twilight and Cadance could find solace in each other, first as friends and as sisters, then as lovers.
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That's gorgeous. It's beautiful, but also not suggestive. Their pose and form remind me of human women, without the arousal that usually comes with it.

It's brilliant.
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They're so CUTE!!! :aww:
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nice :D (Big Grin) Love Clap 
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Cadance has the smallest crown while Celestia has the biggest.
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that is absolutely beautiful OwO
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and now... kiss
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Funny how everytime two characters are in a cute scene people start screaming "SHIPPING!"

This is really cute and lovely and shows how much they care for each other.
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I am annoyed  by Princess Cadance horn. >:V
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Yes, it seem's there are some.. red lines.. 
But other than that! Its amazing!
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I love this sososososososoSO! much!
GHAH, why does it have to be SHIPPING?! It's such incredible art; beautiful light, lines, shading, everything...BUT IT'S SHIPPING...
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who said it was?
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Mmmm, I never thought about this couple
OMG how have I not seen this before, EPIC!
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Somehow this looks so heartwarming ^^
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