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Togruta Montrals and Lekku studies

I was inspired by some conversations I had on tumblr to make a few sketches exploring the way to draw these most iconic features that togrutas have. In this case I used Ahsoka since we see hers change as she got a bit older, the first being when she was 14, then 16, 17 years old, and below is rather my take on her adult form, since the one they showed on the series looked too bulky, but I tried to still give it the same look as Shaakti's for example.
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I have always liked the top right one better on ahsoka... It's just more sexier...
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This will be very helpfulLove 
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Truly awesome! I'm so happy you made this.
This will be very helpful when I make Ahsoka fanart. Because I always had an issue with the Leku aspect. And this will help me clarify any doubts and issues i had. :)
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Amazing!! Awesome job! That helps so much!
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These sketches came out absolutely amazing ^^ you are really good at profiling
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This is really helpfull !! Thank you !!
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Great sketches. :wow:
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Really good. I like Togruta!
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I agree that adult Ahsoka's montrals and lekku were a bit bulky, but they were certainly better than some of the other Togrutas' on the show. Seriously, some of them looked like they'd have to walk sideways to get through a standard doorway.
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I love Togruta too!...

Clap Heart Heart 
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This is actually most excellent for anyone looking to digitally sculpt Ahsoka's montrals. When I took my first stab at it I struggled greatly to find a good reference image to see the basic shape in relation to how it would look on a human head. Thank you very much for sharing this with us. I will certainly be using this as reference when I take another stab at it. :)
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I LOVE drawing Togrutas' Lekku!

These look really cool! :)
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