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That's the creature's name according to the head writer, Meghan McCarthy. 
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Ponies are always better with laser beams. :)
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Yeah. This was pretty freaking awesome. That whole episode might have just been my favorite of the whole series so far. I've actually been having a really hard time deciding which is my favorite!

I love the dynamic here! Princesses shooting magic monsters at giant monsters! Hell YES! :D
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Ooooo! Dragon flower!

I wonder what a mashup between it and a tazzlwurm would look like.
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Should could have called it Graboid as seen in Tremors. :)
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Yeah. A big worm creature in a cartoon show with flying alicorn princesses shouting lasers from their horns. That is something you don't see everywhere. Was great to see Cadance kick some butt. Same for Twilight.

Wonderful work on this.
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Agreed to everything you said.
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In Alpine folklore, the Tatzelwurm is a stubby, lizard-like creature. It takes the appearance of a cat with the hind-end of a serpent with no hind legs. It is rumored to live in several areas of Europe, including the Austrian, Bavarian, Italian and Swiss Alps. It has several regional names including Stollenwurm, Springwurm, Arassas and Praatzelwurm. In 1934 a Swiss photographer named Balkin allegedly saw a strange creature near a log and photographed it. The resulting interest in the creature inspired the Berliner Illustrierte to sponsor an expedition in search of the Tatzelwurm, but the expedition was a failure and interest quickly faded. Some scientists and cryptozoologists agree that the 1934 Tatzelwurm photograph was a hoax, but Tatzelwurm sightings have continued to the present day, and German cryptozoological researcher Ulrich Magin has published several articles in Fortean Times and his own magazine Bilk documenting them.

That ALL the Cryptology data on this creature. I'm shocked Hasbro even used it.
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Very interesting, I like the fact that the writers use the names of actual folklore and mythological creature for when they come up with one.
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As do I. In fact, the same goes for Ahuizotl; there isn't much data or story on his species, either.
Well, I have the book "The Gruesome Guide to World Monsters", which just so happens to have an entry on the Ahuizotl.

Here's what it says:
"This creature lives at the bottom of ponds and lakes. To attract humans, it imitates the cry of a baby.  The Ahuizotl has the hands and feet of a monkey, along with a creepy third hand at the end of its tail that it uses to grab people and pull them into the water.  A fussy eater, the Ahuizotl devours only the eyes, teeth, and nails of a victim, then throws the rest of the body onto the shore."

...O_O...I'm sure glad that the writers didn't make Ahuizotl like the rest of his species...
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Your book is mostly correct, for here the official Cryptology data on his species I found:

The ahuizotl (from the Nahuatl āhuitzotl or "spiny aquatic thing") is a legendary creature in Aztec myth. (which would explain MLP's style of the creature.)


The creature is described as dog-like, its waterproof fur often clumping up to create spikes (hence its name). The ahuizotl has hands capable of manipulation and an additional hand on its tail. The ahuizotl is feared due to its liking for human flesh, especially nails, eyes, and teeth. It is said to live in or near the water and to use the hand on the end of its tail to snatch its prey, dragging the person into the depths to drown him or her. Victims of the ahuizotl, Aztec beliefs state, are destined for the paradise of the god Tlaloc.[2]

The ahuizotl included within Book 11 of the Florentine Codex, which describes it as:

“ "...very like the teui, the small teui dog; small and smooth, shiny. It has small, pointed ears, just like a small dog. It is black, like rubber; smooth, slippery, very smooth, longtailed. And its tail is provided with a hand at the end; just like a human hand is the point of its tail. And its hands are like a raccoon's hands or like a monkey's hands. It lives, it is a dweller in watery caverns, in watery depths. And if anyone arrives there at its entrance, or there in the water where it is, it then grabs him there. It is said that it sinks him, it plunges him into the water; it carries him to its home, it introduces him to the depths; so its tail goes holding him, so it goes seizing him ... [When the body is retrieved] the one it has drowned no longer has his eyes, his teeth, and his nails; it has taken them all from him. But his body is completely unblemished, his skin uninjured. Only his body comes out all slippery-wet; as if one had pounded it with a stone; as if it had inflicted small bruises ... When it was annoyed - had caught no one, had drowned none of us commoners - then was heard as if a small child wept. And he who heard it thought perhaps a child wept, perhaps a baby, perhaps an abandoned one. Moved by this, he went there to look for it. So there he fell into the hands of the auítzotl, there it drowned him..."
Ah, I see.
(Well, my book only gave brief summaries.)
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don't care, still calling it a sarlak
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Now, is the "wurm" said with German pronunciation and thus "vurm" or is it English and "wyrm"?

Because "Tat-zul-vurm" sounds infinitely more EVIL.
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Reminds me of that Monster in Zelda but that's sweet Twilight coming to save Cadence
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Yeah, I've seen many people comparing this  to that worm boss from Wind Waker
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I might say it's like that Maw on Mass Effect that the krogen fight
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To be honest, I didn't expect that kind of creature in this show. But it was nice surprise!
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Molgera's long lost cusin.

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I was thinking of a Thresher Maw.
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Reminds me of the Graboids from Tremors...
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