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Star Wars Visions.

I saw and and finished the entire series already, and I can tell you that this is the best thing to had come out of all Disney era starwars ever. This is the kind of content that I’ve been wanting to see, something that didn’t need to fit into official canon and lore, and just tell fascinating takes of what makes Star Wars, well Star Wars. All the stories were wonderful, with the ninth Jedi and village bride being the most fascinating ones to me. The twins was was outstanding too, TO-B1 felt like I was watching an episode of Kaiba, no surprise since it’s by science Saru.
Anyway I could continue saying more but the bottom line is I loved it, and hope for more content like this in the future, oh and I posted 5k res version of this drawing on Patreon in case you may want a higher quality version. 
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I saw Star Wars: Visions. I’ll say each episode is surprising.

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A total Imperial fanatic raised by a Sith Cult. (Whose brother is just as powerful as her, but is heroic neutral at best).

An ex-Darksider who just wants to be left alone.

A idealistic droid.

A traumatized Padawan.

An heir to a gutted household who happened to turn out to be a Force sensitive, but has no one to show her the ropes and the Empire knows of her existence.

... And the daughter of a light saber smith, and she was being subtly trained as a Jedi HER ENTIRE LIFE.

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Gave Visions a shot & while I can say that while there are a few missteps (main one personally being the pacing of Akakiri), it's certainly got alot more well executed & with great potential (Personal highlights being Duel, Ninth Jedi & Elder. Ironically all portraying very different yet interesting takes on individual Sith).

As long as a possible season two keeps to the status of being non-canon (though aware that Disney might try to make Visions a part of the canon if the series is received well enough), I hope this series can do this well again.

The ninth jedi and village bride were my favorites of the series and I hope they do more like this in the future.

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I'm glad you liked Visions so much! Disney has always excelled in animation (That goes well without saying), so I would be shocked if Visions wasn't half decent, at the very least.

When it comes to the current Disney Era of STAR WARS, I'm both surprised and happy that the non-theatrical SW content, aka the Disney+ shows like The Mandalorian and now Visions, has gotten more positive reception than the movies, succeeding where the theatrical movies failed, and proving that the SW franchise isn't completely dead yet.

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The force will never die. Not for a thousand generations^^

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I binge-watched the hell out of this (A rare thing for me.) And my final verdict: I need more of these Anime Shorts!

Now this is a squad.

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I'll be watching such myself soon. Good to know it's good.

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