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Star Wars Exiles - A Desparate Rescue

What you are looking at is a scene that was meant to be part of my "Star Wars Exiles" fan comic
And this here is something that I sketched back in 2015, it was originally meant to be a full front cover wth a bunch of clone troopers surrounding Barriss, Ahsoka and a random Wookiee soldier that's decided to help them. And as you might no doubt notice, Barriss is wielding a green lightsaber, which happens to belong to Luminara, her master,  because they are on Kasshykk to save her from the purge by the clones.
I had given up of ever completing this story however, because I don't think I could be able to do it justice, and honestly I don't think of myself as a good story writer. And after seeing what has happened in officially canon to Ahsoka and other things, I lost all motivation. No, I disagree! 
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Great image regardless! It is unfortunate that you've canceled the project, but I definitely empathize. The concept behind this is very compelling, specifically Barriss holding her master's saber. That's a really great touch. I also really like how massive the wookiee is in the background. I am no stranger to messing up the scaling of characters myself, so I'm always very happy to see works like this where character heights are considered, prompting unique framing and character positioning. Very awesome!

How you draw Barriss and Ahsoka is intensely iconic. I've always been a fan and it's a fantastic ride to catch up on your gallery and see them still receiving so much love from you. Thanks for sticking with your art through the years. It's a treat to say the least, and inspiring too.

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Thank you so much my man, seeing you commenting again after a long time makes me feel happy after all the things that I've been personally struggling with. I have hope that I maybe I can restart this story again, because after seeing the true finale of clone wars, I've been itching with wanting to finish my own story of this. I don't know how or when I will start, but I'm hoping it would be in a not so late time.

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Hey, the best things are worth the wait, and I'm certain that a return to this project or whatever else pulls at your inspirations instead will be great! Go for it!

I'm glad my commenting has brightened your day. Prepare for a barrage!

Honestly, I've been extremely quiet on DA even after returning from sabbatical. I'm not sure where the heart of it is, but I just can't seem to keep up with much, leaving me to binge galleries like how I'm going through yours. I hope I can achieve the presence I once had again at some point. Eclipse certainly is making it difficult, but not impossible. We shall see. =)

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that wookie needs to be chewbacca to spice things up

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Alternate universes are a hot genre, especially for a universe as big as Star Wars.
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I can help with the story if you'd like. It's up to you.
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awesome !!!

love ur Soka dawings so much Love 

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I just want to say that i loved your comic and love the story you made ..... i love your art and i am a big ahsoka fan and i love how you draw her ..... Hug 
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If this is part of Exiles and is clearly after Barriss' rescue then where is Ahsoka's Axe-spear?
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She is holding them right there in the drawing dude.
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The collaslible axe-spear can separate into two daggers?
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Oh, well, that's handy. Though, it doesn't look like both blades. It looks like just the double-bladed axe section split into two daggers. That's a cool idea.
Is the wider axe blade stored on Ahsoka's side? (where she had during Barriss' rescue?)
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I have no idea, this is a 2 year old rough sketch drawing so I can't remember what I was going with her blades.
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Where can I find this?
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Where can you find what?
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Star Wars Exiles.
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Oh that, I guess you didn't noticed my specific folder so here's a link to it…
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It wasn't finished. There is nothing to be found.
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It looks gorgeous, and exciting.  You have often inspired my writing, and this piece certainly opens doors to story possibilities!
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