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Sonata Dusk

It's Taco Tuesday
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That's Adorable! Beautiful work with her lovely eyes! :nod?
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Sonata: Do you mind? XD
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The new face of Taco Bell y'all!  Get you some!
The best day of the week.
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Haha, she's very cute, even if she's evil XD
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All the hype over this character has me debating whether to actually watch Rainbow Rocks or not.
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Well, she's a fan favorite, but she doesn't take over the movie, if worry you about that.
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IMHO the best character from the movie. I could re-watch clips featuring only her scenes and I still would be in stitches. :lol:
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I haven't seen the whole movie since I personally found quite boring, but yeah I agree I think she was the best new character.
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I'm sure she always wanted to have some of that ;p
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The meme is strong with this one. :)
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Very pretty. I'm having taco's tomorrow
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