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Slave Ahsoka Colored - 2015

Here's something from 2015, five years ago!
Original sketch made by artist Eric Maell, and I just added the colors on top of it. I realized that I never posted the singe picture here since I only added it via a compilation, so here it is.
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It's like a frame taked of the episode! It looks very pretty and I love the color manage

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oh, she looks so angry

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It's great and she looks suitably combining moods of outrage and eagerness to get the job done.

Absolutely stunning!

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She's so pretty!!!!!!!!

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Gorgeous coloring! Well done!

You know, I can't ever decide if I'm impressed or baffled at your range of style. Just look at your gallery; you can professionally pull off cell shading to painterly to photorealism. It's nuts! xD I suppose I just end up appreciating that each new submission you post is a surprise, and always the good kind.

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She always was the most beautiful woman in the clone wars. Almost wish she had worn this again in rebels. 😍👍🏼
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she makes it look so good

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"I'm gonna kill someone for this..."

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nice work on the colour work thanks for sharing

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I would buy here...but let me guess. There is some part in the contract that says, "Use at your own peril." or "Distributer is not liable for injury or death of operator."
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wow that is pretty nice =)

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looks really good, I would say she is missing some abs personally

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Slave ahsoka gonna kick your ass

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Another work of art
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