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Cute, the girls are so sweet. Kinda like Lumi's expression, almost analytical, like she literally never thought that someone might give her a gift.
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Midway2009Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That is very sweet. :aww:
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Did Ahsoka get something for Anakin too?
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RaikohIllustProfessional Digital Artist
I'm pretty sure she did.
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Moonlight-prisonerHobbyist Writer
Luminara: Oh girls! What a surprise.

Ahsoka: Happy Life Day Master Luminara!

Barriss: Here. These are for you.

Luminara:*thinking* I can't take these. I only have a present for Barriss!

Ahsoka: Master Luminara?

Luminara: Oh! Sorry, Ahsoka. What is it?

Ahsoka: In a way, you DID give me a present.

Barriss: She did?

Luminara: I did?

Ahsoka: Yeah! You gave me Barriss! I wouldn't have become friends with Barriss if it weren't for you. Thank you.

Barriss: *thinking* Ahsoka, you're so sweet.

Luminara: Happy Life Day, girls.
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davidshadow275Hobbyist Artist
she is happy
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Moonlight-prisonerHobbyist Writer
Is it me or does Luminara look a little...surprised?
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That super cute looking of Ahsoka is amazing ... and These two Santa hats Love 

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Ikr? The two santa hats are adorable
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Ahsoka uses two sabers AND two santa hats! :)
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SaurusRock625Hobbyist Artist
Nice to see that those two respect Christmas traditions.
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pronkerHobbyist Traditional Artist
Cute idea~
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OliverRedHobbyist General Artist
I love Luminara's holiday look. :D
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HAPPY LIFE DAY! (Star Wars universe version of Earth Late December Holidays) 
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Barriss and Ahsoka look really adorable wearing those Santa hats. and Luminara looks really cute wearing that winter sweater.
It's really good to see her wear some casual clothing. I bet that deep down Barriss really appreciates her master a lot.
I bet that from Ahsoka's look that it was all her idea. :)
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Lol Ashoka, two hats
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Oh god, this makes me so happy I'm smiling like an idiot :) I love how surprised Luminara is and how cute the girls look.
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RaikohIllustProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.
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Very nice. Merry Christmas :)
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Looks good. Nice work, you seem to get a little better with each art piece. Keep it up! ;)
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Ahsoka's two hats are hilarious! Merry Christmas dude.
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Aww...some clever ideas (as usual...little montral hats! :love: ) amidst such sweet sentiment. :heart: Lovely most definitely carry one of the flags in the Barrissoka fandom! :) MTFBWY
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