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Paradise Found

My entry for this art jam 
This is based on what I'm sure it's a canon story from a comic that was on a Star Wars Magazine called "Paradise Lost". It gave a story that not only starred Ahsoka and Barriss, but also gave some interesting insights more importantly charcater development in the relationship of these two. 
This illustration is basically my take on after the war ended and several years had passed, both girls went to a random planet where they found the Ru,  the small creatures that are from the comic, and discovered this secret place where they had managed to get away from the Empire and lived peacefully. I tried to give Barriss as he he has a Ru on her hand a bit of happy tears on her eyes which I think you may only notice on the higher resolution version.
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Aww Barriss looks so cute!!!😍
Luna-Artiste's avatar
It looks sort of like the Mortis arena but overgrown with plants. :) beautiful
FenrirSPhantom's avatar
I love it, I love how the couple are.

Show when i order something from you, it will be something like this? Can this be sold in posters as well or no? Like do you know what I mean?
RaikohIllust's avatar
This is something that costs more than what I offered you before. If you want an illust that you want to use for selling posters that's also going to cost extra more.
FenrirSPhantom's avatar
I am looking at like something with two characters, background. I can just crop the characters into individual posters as well since I have photoshop if I wanted to sell more.
FenrirSPhantom's avatar
Do you have a price range for that?
LunaRiddle16's avatar
this is so beautiful on SO many levels...
FotusKnight's avatar
OMG! This art is perfect!
Venom-Reaper16's avatar
This is really, really good! Shaak Ti may be my favorite jedi, but Ahsoka is still one of the best of the jedi. But she is more better when she grows to be fulcrum.bill GBA Pikachu Icon 
WindySilver's avatar
Very beautiful!
toht981's avatar
Not all refuges from the Empire has to be baking hot desert or murky swamp. 
cda95's avatar
Can you please give me a link to paradise lost
RaikohIllust's avatar
I can't find it where I used to I'm afraid, but keep looking for it, I'm sure you will find it.
ark17's avatar
So a good idea and a great references to these comcis !
KYRUOLIO's avatar
STAR WAARRRSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GEEK ALERT
oh my gosh raikoh are you saying there is a comic that shows that ahsoka and barriss and together on this peaceful planet? if there is, I want to see it
RaikohIllust's avatar
I read it was cool but sad, now I know why barriss feels that the jedi is responsible  for the bad things to happen, is there barriss and ahsoka art on the tumblr?
RaikohIllust's avatar
You mean the tumblr from where I found the comic I linked you? Well of course there is. that blog has dozens of barrisoka art. And you know I also also post my barrissoka pictures on my tumblr as well.
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