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Operation Lothal

Ahsoka and Barriss around just a few years before the events of episode IV.
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I hope there'll be more to this
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Ugh, Dave Filoni seems to have forgotten that Barriss exists, so sadly i doubt we will ever see her in Rebels.
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Awesome work here
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Well considering she's a convicted domestic terrorist, it is unlikely she'd ever show up in the Rebellion.  I personally expected her to show up as one of the Sith Inquisitors.
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Nice picture, I love the texture and color, perfect for the star wars universe
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Welcome to Lothal, Miss Tano
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It'd be nice to see Ahsoka redeem Barriss somehow. Ventress had a partial redemption, so I can see Barriss having one too. Oddly, I saw good deal of Ventress in dark-sided Barriss.
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Nooooooooooooooo! I want dark side Barriss!
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So you want to see her as an Inquisitor in Star Wars Rebels?
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I guess when you fall toward the dark side, you have no choice but to fall further.
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Not necessarily; there have been people who have successfully redeemed themselves even after falling to the Dark Side. Doesn't it all depend on one's own conviction(s) and willpower?
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I agree, we'll have to wait and see what Dave Filoni's plans are for Barriss.
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I personally hope she isn't the female Inquisitor in Rebels. There are so many people who claim that she is, but I wouldn't want that. The sole reason why Barriss bombed the Temple was because she believed the Jedi and the Republic themselves had fallen to the Dark Side, so why would she choose to serve a Sith Lord? It just doesn't make sense to me. Unless he somehow threatened or bribed her, which also sounds fishy. What do you think?
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Epic work GOOD JOB :)
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I still can't stop squeezing at the season finale. It would be awesome if Barriss lived and redeemed herself too.
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I honestly adore the way you drew Old Ahsoka. She really does look gorgeous. Despite being armed to the teeth she looks slender and well built. And Her scales on her Leku head tail makes her look kind of awesome!
Barriss looks pretty beautiful too. Love her new pig tails. With the cloak she does remind me of Kasumi from the Dead or Alive/Ninja Gaiden games. Mostly because she kinda resembles a Ninja. :)
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Just fantastic work, on the girls, the ship and the field.
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Awesome! I like the outfits. I hope they they will appear in "Rebels", together that is. That would be great!
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Very cool concepts. They really look like they've been together for that many years.
Great details on the ship btw. B-)
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Amazing! I really like the details! :D
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