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Maudelina Daisy Pie's new digs

I thought to make something different, and did some compositing using two scenes from the episode and combine them with a Drawing I did of Maud either just refreshing herself under a waterfall, or taking a bath.
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she looks naked without her clothes on😅
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Beautiful! :heart:
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Aye she dun have to pay for water at least !
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Great digs. Hey is it just me or does this cavern remind anypony of the Geneses Cave from Star Trot: The Wrath of Khan.
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Maud has now officially the coolest home in all of Equestria. I'm so jealous.
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So cute! <3 Maybe I'm peeking at Maud is taking a waterfall. but she throw a huge rock at me! 0w0
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Oo, nude Maud, much scandalous. 
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wet mane maud <3
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Beautiful! I love Maud so much in this episode.
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Beautiful, her new place looks awesome! ^^
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I was amazed at the new home Maud has made for herself in Ponyville, not to mention Starlight is one friend away from creating the new Mane Six
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You mimicked that scenery very well
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Thank you! I appreciate you comment especially from an elite pony artist.
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The scenery is <333 
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muy bonito! el primer plano me recuerda las películas clásicas de Disney.
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Nothing like a wash off in the waterfall :B
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I wonder if this cavern has a hot springs nearby...
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I have to say that after this episode, Maud Pie now has the most beautiful home in the ponyville area.
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