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Playing around with a newer style for making cel-shaded style illustration. I know her magic's supposed to be pink, or fuchsia, but c'mon I think blue fits her better. 
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xmysticaldreamsxHobbyist Digital Artist
Your art was stolen. It can be found here Mlp art by ME by CuteKawaiiPonyFan
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TannMann64Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:o (Eek)For all the MLP villains, friendship magic is to be FEARED.:scared:
They're all out to get me...Speaking of villain...............Hey, you!:redalert:Yeah, the jerk offscreen!CURSE YOU!See Twilight?Hmm. Evil plotting in progress.Well.....................I think you're DOOMED.Nod
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lunelsaStudent Digital Artist
Good job! :D and it's true, the blue aura fits her better
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por que poner en otro idioma el titulo para tu imagen es lo que me pregunto yo
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RaikohIllustProfessional Digital Artist
Por que Español es de hecho mi primer lengua, así que a veces me gusta poner algo en español en mis dibujos ocasionalmente
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interesante, es tu forma de expresar tu cariño por tu lengua materna?
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RaikohIllustProfessional Digital Artist
Supongo que si.
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twilight-sparkle23Student Photographer
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uniqueyourselfHobbyist Digital Artist
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ClockupFlowersHobbyist Digital Artist
I agree with the blue fitting her well, this is amazing! 
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chrisTULA092Student Digital Artist
very nice work, loved the tonal values you did there :D
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spooky-accountStudent Filmographer
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OlotocoloStudent Digital Artist
Funny thing, I don't know if intended: "Magia" is a Polish word for... Magic. XD
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RaikohIllustProfessional Digital Artist
I didn't knew that. I'm mexican, so I was going for the spanish word or magic, which is also Magia.
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OlotocoloStudent Digital Artist
Every day we learn something new
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Blue is much more arcane-looking.
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MisterKaosHobbyist General Artist
She's about to go Super Saiyan!
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redwallfvsStudent General Artist
Now THAT is Princess Twilight Sparkle.
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snowfly706Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Awesome so awesome! :)
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SophiaKawaiiStudent General Artist
Simply amazing.
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Here-for-the-poniesStudent Digital Artist
Awesome work. I love the style, and I think blue suits her well, at least more than that fuchsia hue her magic took on post-season 1, but I'd also like to see yellows and other colors the sky takes up during the twilight itself. This color is certainly more intense.
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