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[Illustration] Ultimate Ahsoka Tano

And here's the second illustration of my Ultimate Ahsoka design, now to in full body and showing off her force powers. Here she is battling some Sith that's offscreen, and she is doing that trick Yoda did when he was fighting Dooku on Ep II where it looked to me like he was absorbing the force lighting with his bare hands. Oh, this is supposed to be 400 years after the events of the clone wars, so she is 414 years old here.
Again, the 4K resolution, PSD and time-lapse videos are on my Patreon only, consider joining it if you want to grab these goodies.
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I mean this is great. I didn't think togruta (togrutas? togruti? What's the correct plural form of togruta?) could live up to 414, much less look that hot while doing so.

Only downside is almost everyone she knows-even those that managed to survive every bad thing the Sith, the Separatists, the Empire, the First Order, or anyone else who worked with or for Palpatine ever did to the Galaxy- has to be dead by then.

Droids, Grogu, and Chewbacca are probably among the few exceptions. But humans and any species with a similar lifespan, that she knew during "The Clone Wars," "Rebels," "The Mandalorian," her novel, or her upcoming tv show that didn't die from unnatural causes are definitely dead by that point.

But that's the price you gotta pay for having a slow aging process and being good at not dying.

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what a beautiful pic

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I love me some abs

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Ahsoka rocking Uncle Plo's Electric Judgement?

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Is Ultimate Barriss next?

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Haven't thought of that, but no my as I mentioned over at Patreon next project is Barriss in the TRON universe, similar to the one I did of Ahsoka.

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Ah yeah I forgot you said that.

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Background music:

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My weaknesses! Star Wars and ladies with abs!

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