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After about 30 hours of work, at last I finished this comic, 14 pages long, though here I decided to place them all together instead of posting them individually so that is easier for people here.
So this is basically an idea that I got as what might had happened to Ahsoka after the explosion at the Sith temple on Malachor where she was still fighting Vader. In short, I think Ahsoka did not survived the explosion, while Vader barely did mostly because of his protective armor, but he was obviously still very weakened given hat we saw him walking out limping and all. 
But I don't think Ahsoka "died" in the traditional sense, or perhaps she did, but then something has happened that would not let her properly die. 
The reason why I made this was because of reading a tumblr post I found talking about Ahsoka and her connection with the force wielder the Daughter, and the signicafnce of the bird like creature, called the convor, that was shown briefly at the episode after the explosion.  Many believe the Convor might in fact be the Daughter or a creature related to the Daughter, and she has been an observer or a guardian angel for Ahsoka. The Convor also showed up on the Clone Wars season 3 finale, when Ashoka was left stranded on a planet with several ofter padawans, that was a significant moment it turns out.
For anyone that might remember, on the Mortis arc on Clone Wars, Ahsoka died but was later resurrected when the daughter gave up her life for her. it's obvious to me now that Ahsoka has a part of the Daughter within her, she has a spiritual bond and that is basically keeping her form completely dying, and now the Daughter is giving Ahsoka the opportunity for a transformation, maybe she is destined to become the next Daugher, the next physical repression of the light side of the force, or something else different, either way she most definitely will become something godly but still someone of the light and not evil.
It's been known that Dave Filoni, the executive producer of Rebels, and the one who created Ahsoka, is a huge fan of Tolkien's work, and he considered Ahsoka on Rebels as the Gandalf of Star Wars, and Gandalf also wen to a similar moment to Ahsoka where he was stuck battling a huge evil being of which he defeats and  but dies, but then gets resurrected and returns as a more powerful being. Something tells me this is most likely what  will happen to her, but if Filoni states that Ahsoka won't ever appear again on Rebels, then my next guess it's she will re appear again on perhaps another future animated series or novel, or comic book or whatever Filoni's allowed to use to tell her next story, maybe she might even appear on episode 8 or 9, whatever it is, it's obvious to me that Ahsoka will return in some form, some day.
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so I have a new meme here: Ahsoka is the true choosen one now...
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Partly proven wrong in season 4 but the latter half could still happen.
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This is really good and really interesting. Probably better than anything official we’ll get in this Disney Era.
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Okay, I know this is about Ahsoka's connection with the Daughter but can I just talk about Anakin's reactions when Ahsoka faded out. I mean, come on! That just broke my heart and smashed it to bits.
Trevyler's avatar
Same. I always like to think that even as Vader that the little bit of Anakin still cared about Ahsoka. She was basically like a daughter or little sister to him.
Amazing comic I hope they take a route like this in canon
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Impresionant. I love this picture, and your description *w*
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You did a wonderful job.
xXFreeCoyoteXx's avatar
Am I the only one who is hoping for a part 2 after this, mabey a little comic goin here? It looks too good for just 1. And the connection with the Daughter is truly a interesting theory. Love this piece!
spinekicksy's avatar
Wooow......That's so awesome
JMK-Prime's avatar
Here we go...Waaaah! 
AhsokaTano1611's avatar
wow! This makes me smile because now something is inside me HOPE! Ahsoka is my favourite character and this really hits me! 
AhsokaTano1611's avatar
and at the same time makes me want to cry!
AhsokaTano1611's avatar
AhsokaTano1611's avatar
this is awesome! And thank you for putting hope in me that Ahsoka will come back! 
skulldoll27's avatar
This is amazing! ! Is there going to be a bext part?
Nameless-no-one's avatar
Woah. This is amazing!
Fizz456's avatar
i love this so much and would work so well as canon
ComanderAshokaTano's avatar
I hate you... I love the comic but I hate you for the feels...
Just... No more feels, please just spare us from the f***in' feels.
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I think this is one of your greatest works, the only thing I would suggest working on is the styling and placement of text
otherwise it's really amazing, I love it :heart:
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That's amazing, with amazing artwork and amazing storyline!

...but I didn't actually get it... what happened in the end of this comic, I didn't really understand... can you make more of this?
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