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Sorry about deleting the earlier post folks, I noticed there was  an error on the pdf, so I uploaded a simples JPG version.
Anyway this is a sequel to the Barriss Story comic, and it begins right after the end of that one.
And there are about 3 stories that will be part of this series so expect more in the coming months.
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Okay, this seals it. I'm going to stalk- err- follow you now. 
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OK, thanks anyway :D (Big Grin) 
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The clones are very menacing with just the visors showing in their silhouettes. 
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Can't wait for the next one. Great work!
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Order 66? Maybe? And wow, that is a STUNNING solar system! Just, wow!
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Sweet! Gets better everytime! :D (Big Grin) 
EnchantedSlytherin's avatar
This is really good. Did Barriss dream of order 66?
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Ah, hell.

That was Luminara getting shot, wasn't it? 
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Neat ship design.  Kind of has a Naboo sub mated with a Eta vibe to it.
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A comic of star wars!!!!!!
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Is that the same Barriss that backstabbed her?
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Well yes,  and I must tell that this is a continuation of a previous comic series in which Ahsoka has forgiven and redeemed her, and this story right right here takes place right after the events of the other comic
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ah. haddn't seen that yet. I will catch myself up.
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The shot with the planets is an ABSOLUTE STAND OUT! And also you really captured a feeling of order 66 in the first few so brilliant work! I can't wait to see more:squee: :happybounce: 
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Latelly we've seen a lot of star wars (Not that I don't like it that much) but...
I wish you'd make more pony art...
RaikohIllust's avatar
Well you should know when I started this account, I did mostly only Star Wars illustrations,  but to put it simply my tastes and desire to draw other things to happening to me, so I won't always be drawing ponies only, but that doesn't I won't stop doing them.
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Yeah, I read it in the interview they made you I don't know how long ago. 
It's good to hear that.

Oof, painful grammar and sentence construction there.
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Alright I get it, I'll see to fix the grammar and sentence and grammar order.
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This is so cool XD 

Does this by any chance connect to that other story with those pics (the ones where Ahsoka and Barriss learn about Padme, Chuchi and Luminara's capture by the Seps)?
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