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High kick in the face!!!

(I wonder why George Lucas didn't create a martial art based on the force. :-?
It would just be epic as hell! Just like this fight!…
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Who knows, maybe he isn't a big fan of martial arts? I had heard however that in the making of the prequel movies, the stunt people responsible for playing Jedi would use combinations of real martial arts techniques for doing battle.
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I've heard he likes Samouraï battles though, this is why jedis are fighting with lightsabers in close combat! (Normally, Jedis and Siths would fence against each other) =P

They are making prequel movies? This is gonna be so awesome! :D
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Well of course, Star Wars was heavenly influenced by Akira Kurasawa's films,  so Samurai battle as seen on the first Star Wars is the obvious way they fight.
The prequel movies are episodes 1-3, but they are making a sequel trilogy which would be 7-9
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Wow! I didn't know
Thank's for the infos bro! :D
I'm reminded of that scene from snatch, Tony saying "Don't take the piss Boris."…
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A Jedi using a blaster? BLASPHEMY! 
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I've could imagine Ahsoka's X ray move like the Mortal Kombat games.
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This looks amazing. :) You go Ahsoka; show that droid what you're made of. 
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