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That droid is creepy !
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Dovahkiin???  What are you doing here???
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The Son of Grievous! 
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This is getting very interesting. B-)
Superb artwork :D
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A droid what can restart itself aster being shot? Scary man, sounds like a terminator.
Sonic4ever-yea's avatar
She really ought to get into the habit of shooting enemy (seemingly)dead she walks past.

Glad to see more of this. Good story.
Lonewolf32097's avatar
"Bitch, please, you'd think I'd just lay down like the rest of those pieces of scrap metal like that?! You are either naive or too arrogant to know any better. Now you die!"

Couldn't help but think that was going through the droid's circuits =P (Razz) 
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os this self made or taken from a comic
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It's self made, I created the story.
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well it Looks great and it means something when i say it since i have commented so often and only 4 or 3 times i said Looks preety god
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