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Exiles- counterattack 09

At long last, I had finished all the remaining pages of this little story, here's part 1. You may find all the other pages of "exiles" on my exiles folder.
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The bounty she pursued, that wasn't a droid but what was it?
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These two are effing cute :meow:
Great to see the comic finished!....for now?
I love how you tied it in to the beginning of the story!
Are we going to see any more mini-comics for Exiles?(Like Ahsokas adventure leading to saving Barriss?
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I can't make any promises, but I do want to create at least a couple more things related to Exiles, though I'm pretty they aren't going to be in comic book form.
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One doesn't have to have brains to know never to mess with a girl who has scars to bear. 
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Great story! Now we all know how she gets the char and that weapon. Sharing the story with Barriss is a nice ending.

I like the outburst of Ahsoka when that droid called her a Jedi, the Jedi Council had treated her like dirt so I thing that she actually will act like that.
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ERmagawd the colors!!!!!
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The lighting is crazy amazing!!! :o 
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Incredible. Seriously, an incredible comic. You may not think so at times, but you really are a professional. B-)
The huttese was an excellent touch by the way ;).
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Thank you, I appreciate you said that, comics are real hard to make, but at least I'm glad that I was finally able to finish this storyline at last.
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She looks badass!
I love her even more like that! :D
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Incredible story! A 'what if' for Ahsoka and Barris after the Clone Wars. :wow::D
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This whole comic was fantastic. :D I really enjoyed it. Also, I love this ending as well as what you've done with Barriss's hair. Everything looks great. Keep up the good work. :)
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Thank you! I'm glad to you liked it
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Interested to see whats next! Great Panel by the way.T!
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Good page there. Look foward for what's coming next.
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